8 REASONS WHY CYCLING (BIKE PASSION) TOGETHER IS SO NICE With Valentine around the corner we only look forward to a day together with our beloved and do everything that is normally too soggy! But what makes this day different from others? You can think about how special it is that you are together, especially if your lover loves cycling too! For example, we from Deskbike have asked our loved ones why it is so nice to share the love of cycling together and of course we have put it together for you.

1. you always have a bike buddy!
No hassle to have to cancel in advance to go cycling! You look at each other, and ask; "Shall we?" And before you know it you are sitting next to each other on the bike. Even if you really did not feel like it, your lover will be grateful that he / she has dragged you and is now making wonderful ride with you.

2. He / she wants to make a relaxing ride on the busiest and most hectic days.
No Christmas that is too crazy to take a pleasure ride on the bike, before you eat yourself full with all that goodies and gane 10 KG ! Burn those calories!

3. You can drag her / him anywhere you go on the bike!
You can ride along on weekends and holidays. You will never hear; 'Should that bike come along everywhere we go?'

4. He / she understands that you really want to cycle that one mountain on / off.
Because the wind through your hair, is a great feeling, that's why you do it! And he / she likes to ride faster so you can see him/her.

5. He / she has the same passion
No more hassle and whining about the amount of time you put into this. No questions; 'Where have you been?' Or 'should you start cycling again?' You understand each other's passion and together fully find your way in this.

6. Bicycle events have never been such fun!
Have you been to the largest bicycle fair in Europe for 9 consecutive days? Right, your friend / girlfriend too! You plan the events all year round and can spend hours on these bike fairs.

7. He / she understands that you prefer to keep your bike as close as possible to you. He / she fully understands when you want to bring your bike into your hotel room, however small it may be. And of course his / her bike is also there!

8. With him / her you will never be embarrassed with such a wonderful helmet on your head! Because honestly, if he / she has seen you with a helmet on your head you can do everything together!


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