Sit-Stand Chair - Aeris Swopper (Premium Leather)
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The leather seat gives this Aeris Swopper Classic a sophisticated look, and it doesn't build up a static charge. Comfortable active sitting in style. 

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Active stool Swopper Classic Leather

Go forth, go back, from left, to right with The Swopper Classic! Thanks to the patented 3D technology, the Swopper Classic stimulates healthy and active sitting with frequent change of position. The leather seat of this Swopper Classic gives a chic look and is immune to static charging. Wonderful active sitting with style!

With the Swopper Classic back pain or a tense sitting posture can be prevented, because you are constantly in motion.  

More information about the Swopper Classic - Leather

Stay in Balance at your desk with Swopper | Aeris |


  • Fabrics: Uruguay Artificial leather, Stamskin Artificial leather and Atlantic leather (100% leather)
  • Spring strength: 50 to max. 120 kg weight
  • Seat height: MEDIUM without load 52 - 65 cm, with load 45 - 60 cm; HIGH without load 56 - 76 cm, with load: 49 - 69 cm
  • Seat available in the colours: black (Uruguay and Atlantic) and white (Stamskin)
  • Frame with or without wheels, available in black, light grey and white
  • The spring is available in:
    • The colour of the frame
    • Different:
      • Option 1 | Uruguay and Atlantic - Spring possible in black (with white and grey frame)
      • Option 2 | Stamskin - Spring possible in white (with black and grey frame)
      • Option 3 | Stamskin - Spring possible in grey (with white frame)


You can choose fine artificial leather: Uruguay (carrier: 80% polyester, 20% cotton; Surface: 100% polyurethane) or Stamskin Artificial leather (carrier: polyamide, multilayer compound: PVC). Or choose for the Atlantic leather (100% leather), chrome-free tanned, vegetal dyed: high-quality, chic look and immune to static charging. The Aeris Swopper Leather has a special high-tech, innovative and breathable cushion, for feather-like comfort. Five coordinated function layers ensure that you sit agile, comfortable and pressure-controlled.

Floor protection

All Swoppers without wheels are supplied with metal gliders (optimized for floors with carpeting such as carpet, felt etc.) and felt gliders (optimized for floors such as stone, tiles, parquet, etc.)

Test the Aeris Swopper

Try out the Aeris Swopper in the Worktrainer Experience Center. Experience it yourself and test this Swopper, or order it online easily.

Stay in Balance at your desk with Swopper | Aeris |


How do you move on the Swopper? 

Five exercises with a Swopper

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Laurens - 29-08-2020 14:44

Ik heb de Swopper nu zo'n drie weken in gebruik. Het was even wennen maar inmiddels vind het een geweldige aankoop. Afgaande op mijn ervaring denk ik dat het beter is niet meteen langdurig op de Swopper te zitten, ik kreeg prompt rugpijn. Vervolgens heb ik het gebruik in fasen opgevoerd en inmiddels zit ik er enkele uren achtereen heel prettig op. Altijd een actieve zithouding, rechtop en daardoor ook een betere positie voor de computer.
De Swopper ziet er mooi uit, is heel degelijk en handig in gebruik, verstellen gaat heel eenvoudig.De montage is overigens een fluitje van een cent. Kortom ik ben er heel tevreden mee.

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