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NEN EN 527 en NPR 1813 guidelines for desks

Guidelines NEN EN 527 and NPR 1813 for offices

The NEN 527 standard (also called NEN-EN 527) is a European standard in the field of ergonomic workplaces. The average European is taken as the starting point for this standard, such as, for example, the average body length, elbow and knee height.

What is the NEN EN 527 guideline?

NEN EN 527 (in full NEN-EN 527-2:2016+A1:2019) specifies safety, strength and durability requirements for work tables and desks where computer (VDU) work and office tasks are performed. In addition to these requirements, the NEN EN 527 standard also provides recommendations for the minimum adjustment range of different types of work tables and sit-stand desks.

NEN EN 527 demands

The NEN EN standard discusses five types of tables. The standard sets requirements for height, adjustment range and worktop for every type of desk. The height ranges below include the worktop.
  • Low (sit-sit) desks with a fixed height – 74-76 cm
  • Adjustable sit-sit tables: at least 65-85 cm
  • Adjustable sit-stand tables: at least 65-125 cm
  • Adjustable standing tables: at least 95-125 cm
  • Adjustable standing tables with a fixed height: 105-107 cm
  • Thickness of the worktop on the seat side: maximum 5 cm
  • Straight seat side: at least 65 cm wide
  • Completely free foot space up to 60 cm table depth, then at least 12 cm free height at the feet
  • The surface of the desktop should not be glossy
  • Dimensions worktop: minimum W120 x D80 cm
  • With several sit-stand desks next to each other, a space of at least 25 mm must be maintained to prevent entrapment of fingers or cables

Difference NEN 527 en NPR 1813

The Dutch are on average taller than the average European and that is why there is a Dutch supplement to the NEN 527: the NPR 1813 NPR Dutch Practice Guideline. The required adjustment range is larger in this standard. Are you taller than 192 centimeters? Then we recommend an NPR-1813 desk.