Chair ball - VLUV VARM
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A healthy and stylish sitting ball. This VLUV version in the fabric “VARM” is of high quality, 100% polyester, with double stitched seams.

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Sitting ball VLUV VARM

Sitting ball VLUV VARM is a stylish and chic sitting ball. The ergonomic design allows you to sit upright and comfortably while sitting at your desk. Use VLUV for your balance exercises or as an extra seating element in the living room.

VLUV sitting balls are equipped with a very strong, seamless and Pht free PVC inner ball and because of the sleek design and the high-quality fabrics, it is a real eye-catcher in the office. The seams of the sitting ball are double stitched, the bottom has a subtle ring against rolling away and the ball has a handle for easy transport.
vluv VARM sitting ball | choose a healthy workplace | Visit
Vluv VARM sitting ball | choose a healthy workplace | Visit

Colours and Fabric

This model is made of the fabric VARM, which is a fabric of 100% polyester and high quality. It has a warm and chic look due to the beautiful velvet fabric and double stitched seams.

The VLUV sitting ball is available in VARM in 5 colors, Anthracite, Chianti, Pacific, Forest and Pumpkin.

See the photos for an impression of the colours. By choosing the desired colour for the variations, the image changes to the correct photo of the sitting ball that you are going to order.

Welke maat heb ik nodig?

Not sure which size VLUV suits you? Then read the step-by-step-plan carefully to determine which size of sitting ball suits you best. By default:
  • Diameter 60-65 cm, suitable for body length 155 - 180 cm
  • Diameter 70-75 cm, suitable for body height 180 - 200 cm


  • Comfortable and ergonomic
  • Fabrics do not slip
  • Height of desk: between 68 and 82 cm
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Subtle ring against rolling away
  • Handle to move
  • Zipper closure of YKK, strong and neatly concealed
  • Load capacity up to 120 kg 
Vluv VARM sitting ball | choose a healthy workplace | Visit
Vluv VARM sitting ball | choose a healthy workplace | Visit

Inflation service

You can inflate the ball yourself by means of a bicycle pump or by the suplied hand pump. A special nozzle is included for the bicycle pump. Then you close the ball with a zipper from YKK, which is very strong and neatly concealed. It may be that you have to pump up the chair ball after a week. This is due to the elasticity of the sitting ball.

It takes a while before you have inflated a chair ball, especially the 75 cm balls. For extra help you can use our inflation service. We then inflate the ball with our compressor and send it to you as a large package.

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