EXERCISE REDUCES CHANCES OF DEMENTIA Exercising is not just healthy for the body, it also keeps your mind nimble. Neuropsychologist Erik Scherder promises that if you exercise for half an hour, the risk of dementia decreases. Professor Scherder himself cycles from home to work and back, keeping a fast pace. That is a good hour a day. To get some exercise at work, he uses the deskbike.

"The good news is that 40% of Dutch people exercises enough, but the trends are worrisome: inactivity and laziness. Outside of the house, we get around by car, and at work we take the elevator, followed by a day of sitting behind the computer. Come evening time, the lust to get some exercise is gone. That's no surprise, because the frontal lobe of the brain -where our motivation and our initiative comes from- is well put to sleep by then."

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