Computer holders

More Work Space

Gone are the days of putting computers on the floor. With a computer holder (also: CPU holder), you hang your computer neatly at the bottom of your worktop. Now when you switch between working standing and sitting at your sit-stand desk, the computer simply moves with you.

Easy | Computer holder

The most sold computer holder. Available in black, white and silver. Adjustable in width from 7 to 23 cm, height 31 to 55.5 cm.

€ 48,00

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9 reviews
Save | CPU Holder Lockable

A lockable, theft-proof CPU holder. Available in black or silver. Width adjustable from 9 to 21 cm. Height adjustable from 37 to 57 cm.

€ 139,00

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Sturdy cpu holders for a tidier workplace

Do you work on a desktop computer, behind a sit-stand desk? Then a computer holder is a real must-have. You easily attach the holder to the underside of your worktop with the screws provided. If you now switch between working standing up and sitting down, your computer simply moves with you.

The advantages of a computer holder

CPU brackets come in different sizes and colours. The advantages for you?

  • A PC holder saves space on your desk.
  • The front and back of the computer are easily accessible for cords, USB sticks, etc.
  • The cords from the computer to the screen stay together nicely when you change heights. This not only looks neater, but also protects your equipment.

Buy CPU holder affordably at Worktrainer

Cpu holders can be adjusted both in height and width. This makes them suitable for almost all computers. Worktrainer's desktop holders are made of sturdy steel in black, white or silver. Besides classic computer holders such as the popular Easy, we also sell holders with a special function. For example, with the BOW, you hang your computer horizontally under your worktop and the Save has a lockable mechanism, so your computer cannot be stolen when the CPU bracket is locked.

Including assembly service? If you order the computer holder together with a sit-stand desk and choose the assembly service, we will also assemble the holder right away.

More accessories for a tidy and ergonomic workplace

Besides sturdy computer stands, you will find other high-quality accessories that will make your workplace more tidy and ergonomic:

  • With a monitor arm for one, two or more screens, you place your screen(s) at exactly the right height. This prevents neck and eye strain and looks much neater.
  • Cable ducts, hoses and sockets also provide a more finished look.
  • Storage units or cabinets are indispensable in any (home) office, which can live just fine without chaos. From small pen drawers to large roller or sliding door cabinets, check out our range and find what you are looking for.

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