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Setting up the workstation

A workstation that is set up optimally looks clean and peaceful, and stimulates productivity. You could think of a monitor arm for more work space, a power strip for charging your phone, or a CPU holder for your computer. The latter is especially convenient if you're the proud owner of a sit-stand desk

Give yourself the space to come up with grand ideas.

Improve your postureUse a monitor armComplete your workstation and elevate your monitors to eye-level. 

Monitor arms

HIDE YOUR COMPUTERCPU holders in many sizes For additional space on your desktop and less dust in your PC.

CPU Holders

CABLES CAUSING CHAOS?Cable brackets, tubes, and ductsThere is no need for loose-hanging cables. We can make your workstation look tidy again.

Hide cables

Table Screens practical and beautiful

They come in many types, sizes, and colours. Perfect for duo workstations. Used as table partition or floor partition. With sound absorption, or just for some extra privacy.

Check for inspiration

An extra power outlet, always convenient

No more looking for a spare power outlet and then finding out that your cable is too short. Simply install an additional power outlet in your desk, and you will always have access to power.

Check out the examples

NEED POWER?Mounted and embedded power strips Work optimally, without needing to crawl underneath the desk every time you want to plug something in.

Power strips

PEN DRAWERS Need a place to store your pens? Markers, staple removers, erasers, and paperclips should be stored away if you've got such a beautiful desk to look at.

Pen drawers

CLean desk policyHandy! No desk chaosWith a handy drawer unit next to or under your desk, a messy desk is a thing of the past!

Drawer units



Sit-stand desk A140

Excellent basic desk and very competitively priced. Perfect if you work from home, but companies such as KPN, Ahold and Google are using it as well. 



Small sit-stand desk S100 - With wheels

Suitable for small tabletops from 60 x 80 cm. Has 4 wheels that make it easy to move.


Sit-stand desk A270 - Memory Display

Sit-stand desk A270 - Memory display

The best-selling sit-stand desk for the office. NEN certified, memory display, cross-bar and extra high, up to 128 cm.


Sit-stand desk S670

Sit-stand desk S670 - Memory display

Beautiful design for in the workplace. The wide feet make it very stable, and it easily fits a 2 metre tabletop.


Sit-stand corner desk S471 - Memory display

Corner desk S471 - Memory display

Sturdy sit-stand corner desk S471, with silent and fast height adjustment with memory display.


Sit-stand desk Ultrajust 2 - Memory display

Ultrajust 2 - Memory display

Cost-effective desk, yet includes memory display, and silent height adjustment up to 128 cm.


Sit-stand wall table - 501 Wall

Sit-stand wall table - 501 Wall

Is mounted against the wall. Takes up very little space, is very stable and is suitable for small tabletops.


Workbench - Double sit-stand desk S2H

Workbench - S2H

For the sit-stand islands. As stable as a tank, can be adjusted in height independently from each other.


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