Setting up the work station

The right accessories complete your active workspace. Whether you are looking for a socket, monitor bracket, CPU holder, cable tray or a room divider: you will find it at Worktrainer! And do you order the accessories together with a sit-stand desk and Assembly Service? Then we will also assemble them for you immediately upon request.

Monitor arm


Complete your workstation and elevate your monitors to eye-level.

Computer holders


For additional space on your desktop and less dust in your PC.



There is no need for loose-hanging cables. We can make your workstation look tidy again.

They come in many types, sizes, and colours. Perfect for duo workstations. Used as table partition or floor partition. With sound absorption, or just for some extra privacy.



An extra power outlet, always convenient


For the final fine tuning you can think of a nice desk lamp or a floor mat.



Markers, staple removers, erasers, and paperclips should be stored away if you've got such a beautiful desk to look at.



With a handy drawer unit next to or under your desk, a messy desk is a thing of the past!

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IT Staffing 
According to Wessel van Alphen of IT staffing, a person is dynamic ... dynamic like music.
Another beautiful metamorphosis of work attitude at Jans & Co.
At Itility, IT is all about people. That is why the new office is fully equipped with healthy sit-stand workplaces.
Veldhuis Consulting
Bob Veldhuis leads a family business Veldhuis Advies in Heerde. He invested in desk bikes and sit-stand desks for his 60 employees.

Cable trays, power strips, room dividers and other high-quality accessories at Worktrainer

If you already have a sit-stand desk and/or active furniture, then you know how wonderful it is to work actively. Your workplace is a dynamic, healthy place that constantly encourages you to keep on the move - and make the most of every day. With the right accessories, you can put the finishing touches to it: you can make your home or office workplace more ergonomic, tidy and relaxed.

A tidy workplace thanks to power strips, CPU holders, cable ducts and storage devices

The tidier your desk, the more you can focus on what's most important: your tasks. Worktrainer sells various accessories that allow you to store your computer, cables and other items practically and neatly. For example, you can hide your cables with a multiple socket in combination with a cable tray and hang your computer with a PC or CPU holder on the underside of your work surface. In a roller-block or roller-door cabinet you can store paperwork, your administration and other items.

Room dividers for more peace and privacy

Our Screenz table screens can be placed between two sit-stand desks or you can use them to create office islands. This creates more privacy and allows you to work more quietly. Especially for dynamic, large offices, there are acoustic room dividers that dampen environmental noise even more.

Improved working posture with monitor arms and laptop risers

Our laptop raisers or monitor arms make your work much more ergonomic. You place your computer screen or laptop at an arm's length away and the top is approximately at eye level. Because you look straight ahead instead of down, your eye, neck and shoulder muscles are relaxed. Our monitor brackets from brands such as Galaxy and UPdesk are suitable for one or more computer screens. You can place your laptop (and tablet) on a sturdy and easy-to-carry laptop stand.

Order your accessories at Worktrainer

The more actively we work, the more productive, creative and happy we generally are. At Worktrainer, we notice this every day. We hear it from our clients, and we experience it ourselves. Because we also work on swoppers, deskbikes and treadmills, constantly switching between sitting, standing and walking at work. Hopefully we can inspire you to do the same: it's worth it, promise! With us, you get:
  1. High quality active furniture and practical accessories
  2. A large selection, so chances are you'll find what you're looking for
  3. Customized advice
  4. The chance to try everything out for yourself in our showroom
We are on stand by for you. Literally.

Worktrainer is ready for you

Visit our Work Happy Center. Here you can try out our entire range. We are happy to help you make a choice for your ultimate active workplace. 
Try it out first? Ask for our trial service for your company. This way you and your colleagues can test the furniture for 10 days.
Worktrainer works together with Ferm Werk for building sit-stand desks, Deskbikes and sending packages. In this way we help people at a disadvantage in society to find a job.
Worktrainer is happy to help you furnish your office. Are you moving with the business, have new employees added to the team or do you want to actively furnish the office? We like to think along with you.