An active home workplace

Work from home portal for your employees

An ergonomic workplace must be provided by the employer in accordance with the Dutch Working Conditions Act (ARBO). On you can easily let your employees order home-office furniture online.

How does the work from home portal work?

  1. Send an email to and receive the necessary information from us.
  2. The employer determines the product range and budget for the work from home portal.
  3. The employer shares a coupon code among its employees. This code can be entered on the website at a maximum of 1 x per employee.
  4. The employee enters this code in the shopping cart and the credit is settled with the order.
  5. The order will be completed.
  6. The employer receives the invoice. Any additional costs are paid by the employee.
  7. The order is assembled at the office or at the employee's home.
  8. Now your employees can Work Happy from home!

Happy Home Office

More exercise and less sitting still is not only healthy, but it also works better. It will make you happy! Now that we are working from home, we could use some fun. You don't want an improvised workplace where you don't sit comfortably, but above all, you sit too long.

An active home workplace may sound like a far-from-your-bed show: 'That doesn't fit or doesn't look nice  in my living room or home office, does it?' Let us change your mind quickly. There is a solution for every home situation in our wide range of active furniture.

Work from home problems

Many home workers quickly notice annoying symptoms of an unsuitable workplace. At home bent over a dining table that is just too low or sometimes even slumped on the couch. Not a problem for a short time, but now that long-term working from home seems to be the norm, this improvised workplace is going to cause problems. You may already notice neck, back or shoulder pain due to a wrong working posture. But you can do something about that.

A suitable home workplace

Create the home workplace of your dreams by thinking of a work-from-home desk, active office chair and must-have accessories. This makes working from home active and fun!

1. Sit-stand desks for working from home
2. Active sitting behind your desk
3. Must-have accessories for working from home

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