Balance boards

Rock away

A balance board is an accessible and healthy way to work while moving. It improves blood circulation, you train several (deep) muscles at the same time and it ensures a natural posture. Balance boards are often used by active home workers, modern offices, physiotherapists and schools.

Fitdisc | Balance Board 46cm

Fitdisc is a balance board that motivates you to stand more. It provides a comfortable cushioning and your body is corrected by the movements of the board.

€ 148,00

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12 reviews
Steppie | Balance Board 57cm

A Steppie is a platform with a convex bottom, just like a little surf board. It facilitates a stable stance, and if you want to exercise, you can slowly surf from left to right.

€ 189,00

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6 reviews
Hovoboard | Balance Board 60cm

Compact and stylish: the Hovoboard balance board. An active addition to your sit-stand workplace. The balance board encourages an active and conscious position.

€ 174,00

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6 reviews
Gymba Balance Board

This clever accessory for your workplace is not just a board; thanks to its patented cross-flexibility, you can also perform a walking motion on the board.

€ 159,00

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0 reviews
Back App 360 | Balance Board 51cm

Give your legs energy with the Back App 360. The balance board moves you in all directions. The ring-shaped damping device ensures that movements are smooth and feel comfortable.

€ 189,00

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5 reviews
Pedalo | Balanceboard 38cm

Pedalo Balanceboard Balance-Board is compact and made of sturdy birch wood. Ideal for a fun training moment behind your desk.

€ 89,00

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0 reviews
Pedalo | Balanceboard 50cm

Pedalo developed this trainer to strengthen your back, the balance board prevents you from falling and it helps you recover faster from injuries and existing aches and pains.

€ 155,00

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LifeSpan Airsoft | Balance Board 59cm

With the Lifespan Airsoft Balance Board you can work actively while standing. Because your body is correcting all the time to stay in balance, you train your back, abdomen, core, leg and foot muscles.

€ 170,00

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Pedalo | Swing balance board 100cm

The balance board just keeps swinging with one smooth motion.

€ 125,00

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Pedalo | Twister balance board 38cm

Pedalo Twister is a rotating balance board, compact and made of sturdy birch wood. Ideal for a fun training moment behind your desk.

€ 92,00

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LifeSpan | Airsoft Balance Board 4 pcs and Rack

Take your change on this package deal. 4 LifeSpan balance boards including a handy hanging rack.

€ 949,00

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Pedalo | Vestimed balance board 50cm

Pedalo Vestimed balance board, an all-rounder for your full body workout!

€ 199,00

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Strengthen your deep muscles with a balance board

If you regularly switch between sitting and standing work, for example with a Worktrainer sit-stand desk, then you are already doing very well. Still, there is room for improvement. For example, have you ever noticed that you move relatively little with your lower body when you work standing up? You can change that with a balance board. Because the board wobbles as soon as you step on it, your whole body moves along in a natural way. This keeps you energetic and productive for longer, strengthens your muscles and reduces tension in the shoulders, back and neck.

Beloved balance boards for your desk

We sell different types of balance boards for adults and children. The boards have various shapes and sizes, and allow different movements. Popular models that you can buy at Worktrainer:

  • The FitDisc has a diameter of 46 centimeters and a beautiful olive green colour. The two round boards are only connected in the middle, allowing you to move from front to back and from left to right. The non-slip stickers provide a good grip.
  • The Steppie Balance Board is a board with a convex bottom that moves from left to right. The Steppie is 57 centimeters long and also available with a soft top.
  • The Rocket resembles the Steppie in shape, but because the curvature at the bottom has a larger angle, you can make larger movements with it. The non-slip top ensures that you remain firm.

Other popular brands in our range are Pedalo, LifeSpan, Hovoboard and Ongo. Take a look and find your perfect balance board for standing work.

5 reasons why a balance board is so healthy

  1. It trains our deep muscles. The deep muscles lie below the superficial muscles, near our joints. The stronger the deep muscles are, the less chance we have of injuries and strains. Deep muscles are much more difficult (targeted) to train than the superficial muscles. This works very well with a balance board: the deep muscles have to work hard to compensate for the constant wobbling.
  2. In addition to the deep muscles, a balance board also trains the muscles in our feet, ankles and knees. All muscles that play an important role in walking and other movements.
  3. Many sports equipment and active exercise tools strengthen the lower ór the upper body; with a balance board you train muscles in the entire body.
  4. Regularly switching between stable and unstable standing improves posture.
  5. Balance boards are also suitable for sporty workouts. You can find inspiration for fun, intensive exercises here.

Tip: Do you regularly suffer from back pain? Then try the Pedalo Twister balance board. The rotating movement can remove blockages from the spine and loosen the back nicely.

Combine your sit-stand desk with a balance board

If you want to work on a balance board, you need a sit-stand desk. After all, you have to stand to be able to use a balance board. Then you can get started right away. Place the balance board under your desk, step gently foot-by-foot on it and gently move back and forth. But beware: Do not use the balance board more than 50 percent of the time and preferably no longer than an hour at a time.

Exercise furniture for school?

Are you looking for healthy and fun exercise furniture for school? Then take a look at our site In addition to sit-stand desks and balance boards for children, you will find sitting balls, desk bikes and the Wiggle Wiggle elastic to wiggle your legs. How much fun is that?!

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