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Sit-stand chair

Comfortable sitting and standing

Do you have a job where you stand a lot or do you have a sit-stand desk at home or at the office? Treat yourself to a standing chair: an active office chair on which you can sit or lean against. The varied work posture that this creates reduces fatigue and promotes job satisfaction.


Wobble | Sit-Stand Balance Stool

Wobble is a stylish, comfortable and modern sit-stand stool. Height adjustable with gas spring. An ideal addition to your workplace.

€ 99,95

€ 154,00

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11 reviews
Runa | Sit-Stand Balance Stool

Runa is a sit-stand balance stool. This practical stool Runa combines the warm and charming life from Portugal with the Scandinavian sense of design.

€ 154,00

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9 reviews
Activity Stool | Sit-Stand Balance Stool

Sit-stand balance stool Activity Stool is a comfortable wobbly stool for sitting and leaning behind your sit-stand desk. Available in black.

€ 188,00

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5 reviews
Up! | Balance Stool

The Up! standing aid from Interstuhl is a stable balance stool. This design stool is easy to move, because of the handle under the seat. That way, you can use the stool anytime and anywhere.

€ 182,00

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3 reviews
Aeris Muvman | Sit-Stand Chair

Aeris Muvman lets you sit actively, in both low and high position. Standing work will remain comfortable and it will put less stress on your legs. Available in black, grey, red, blue and green.

€ 426,00

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10 reviews
Varier Move | Sit-Stand Saddle Stool

The Varier Move saddle stool is a unique ergonomic tool, that you can sit firmly on and still enjoy complete freedom of movement.

€ 469,00

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5 reviews
Aeris Muvman (Leather) | Sit-Stand Chair

Aeris Muvman lets you sit actively, in both low and high position. Standing work will remain comfortable and it will put less stress on your legs. Available in black artificial leather.

€ 449,00

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3 reviews
Fin Pur | Sit-Stand Leaning Stool

The Fin Pur is a sit-stand stool and a convenient active aid for at the reception or at high tables. Fin is made of aluminium and features a seating surface of soft touch pur foam.

€ 335,00

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0 reviews
Back App 2.0 | Ergonomic Sit-Stand Saddle stool

The Back App 2.0. office chair is designed to keep the back muscles active while sitting.

€ 822,00

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1 reviews
Aeris Muvman Industry | Sit-Stand Chair

The Aeris Muvman Industry is an active standing stool, designed by experts to provide the optimum variety between sitting and standing at a desk, table or treadmill.

€ 335,00

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0 reviews
Profim Mickey | Sit-Stand Balance stool

Sit-stand stool Mickey is perfect for sitting and standing work. The tilt and turn options make the Mickey an active addition to your workplace.

€ 490,00

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1 reviews
Ongo Free | Sit-Stand Balance Stool

ONGO® Free, comfortable sitting and ideal for standing work! The ONGO Free is specially made for people who work behind a sit-stand desk. The dish-shaped foot provides an active position.

€ 272,00

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6 reviews
Stand4Work | Stand Chair

Having a standing meeting? Use Stand4Work. The active standing aid provides comfortable support to your back, which relieves your chest and will get the genius ideas flowing naturally.

€ 389,00

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0 reviews
Stand4Work | Meeting Set

The Stand4Work meeting arrangement is the solution for a dynamic and healthy company. Meetings are shorter, giving everyone a more productive workday. 

€ 1.459,00

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1 reviews

Strengthen and relieve the body with a standing chair

Do you have a job where you stand a lot? For example, in a production job, behind a reception or in a lab? Then you probably recognize it: feet or legs that feel increasingly tired during the day. With a quick stretch in between you can go forward again, but an hour later you are back to where you started. Working all day standing - just like sitting all day - is simply not good.

It is not good for the body and it is not good for performance and job satisfaction. Our solution? An active sit-stand chair: You strengthen your body with it and at the same time build in relaxation.

How does active sitting on a standing chair work?

Our sit-stand chairs from popular brands such as Aeris, Varier and Stand4Work are available in different colors and fabrics and adapt optimally to your wishes. Have you been working standing up for a while? Then sit or lean on your standing chair and give your feet and legs the necessary relaxation. Because the chair has no backrest and moves dynamically with you, you quickly get new energy. Slouching down and then not getting up again is not included with these chairs. Yes classic office chair, we are talking about you!

The benefits of a sit-stand chair

Different standing chairs have different advantages, but in general the following applies:

  • It relieves your legs, which is especially nice if you stand a lot.
  • Do you work in the office? With a sit-stand desk and chair you work in a high position. If a colleague walks by or comes to consult, then you are at eye level with each other. Thanks for the energy and for the collaboration!
  • The chairs do not have a backrest like old-fashioned office chairs do. This allows you to sit actively and adopt an ergonomic posture.
  • The movable center column ensures continuous small movements, so that your intervertebral discs remain flexible.
  • Because the Worktrainer standing chairs can take on different heights, you can also share the chair with colleagues who are taller or smaller than you.

Inspiration to make standing work even more fun

Working standing up with a standing chair or other active furniture is great fun by itself. Because your body is more in motion, blood circulation is promoted and you feel more energetic and productive. With the tips below you can get even more pleasure out of sitting and standing work:

  • Try to match your tasks to your work posture. Do the things you have to dive into that need a lot of focus than have a seat; and stand for tasks that you want to type away dynamically. Or maybe it works the other way around for you?
  • What's better than working (standing up) with some music on? Our sit-stand chairs simply move with you, so let's swing!
  • Do you have a standing meeting? Active standing chairs stimulate the positive energy and dynamism needed for a successful brainstorming session.

Try it yourself first?

In our Experience Center in Harmelen you can try out our full range for yourself. We are happy to help you put together your active workplace, whether that is for your home or office. Work Happy, wherever you want – that's our mission!

Team Worktrainer is ready for you

Visit our Work Happy Center. Here you can try out our entire range. We are happy to help you make a choice for your ultimate active workplace. 
Try it out first? Ask for our trial service for your company. This way you and your colleagues can test the furniture for 10 days.
Worktrainer works together with Ferm Werk for building sit-stand desks, Deskbikes and sending packages. In this way we help people at a disadvantage in society to find a job.
Worktrainer is happy to help you furnish your office. Are you moving with the business, have new employees added to the team or do you want to actively furnish the office? We like to think along with you.