Standing desks

Bring your work in motion

Do you recognize this? You start your working day in good energy, but after a few hours you are tired, no longer creative and your shoulders are getting stiff? No wonder, because the human body is not designed to sit still for a long time. Sit stand desks will change this. Switching between sitting and standing ensures an active working posture and improves your energy, concentration, health and in the end your job satisfaction. Have a look at our large and high-quality range of sit standing desks and find a way for staying active at work that suits you best.

Sta bureaus


A sit-stand desk allows our body to do what it naturally wants to do: move! We have a great choice of adjustable desks with electric, gas spring or hand crank operation. 

Updesk sit-stand workstation


Place a desk riser on your work surface and you are ready to alternate sitting and standing. No assembly is required and for people who want to keep their existing desk, it is the perfect choice. 

Stand up


According to research, a "stand up meeting" goes 34% faster than with a sitting meeting setting, it stimulates blood flow in our brain and ensures alert colleagues.

Little time to assemble our products yourself? Make use of the Worktrainer assembly service.

We always assemble the frame in advance and then assemble the work surface and accessories on site. You can be ready in 10 minutes.




Get to work with the StudyDesk! If you would like to change your working position.

Conference table Honmove


With standing up you are assured of a proactive meeting. 

Offerte aanvragen


We offer a discount on your order on a purchase with large numbers.

Happy customers | Our projects

At Accenture, the 2,600 employees keep moving under the banner of fit @ work. It seems to work.
Senet, the application builders, have started moving work in the new building that we have furnished for them with our active furniture.
Sublime FM
Besides 'Fresh Jazzy Sounds' you can now also find our active furniture at Sublime FM.
ViS Secondment
62 people work at ViS, 55 of whom are seconded. Everyone uses active furniture.

Do you want to support your employees in a healthier way of working?

Then try out an active office design and/or help them create a dynamic home workplace. We would be happy to show you the various options available.

How do you properly use an adjustable desk?

Finding your ideal sit-stand desk is step one, using it correctly is step two. Many people think that (always) working standing up is healthy, but it is more the switching between sitting and standing that is so good. A rule is: stand for one hour at a time at work, and no more than four hours a day.

A sit stand desk is an excellent basis for a healthy workplace, but there is much more you can do. The RSI association has made a nice overview of this.

Combining a standing desk with other active furniture tools in the office

Whether you prefer an electric adjustable desk, a desk riser or another sit-stand option: sit-stand desks can be perfectly combined with other active exercise tools:

  • Chair balls or balance stools provide a more active sitting position and stimulate health, concentration, creativity and therefore work pleasure.
  • Balance boards slightly unbalance your body, forcing your deeper muscles to work harder. You will become stronger and develop a healthier standing posture.
  • For the really active: with a Deskbike (also: cycle chair) or treadmill you are doubly active.
  • You work standing up and train your (leg) muscles! Great for concentration and creativity.
At Worktrainer we work with combi deals. If you order a desk from us, you will automatically receive a discount on an exercise tool.

Why order from Worktrainer?

We are convinced that work in motion is the work of the future. In order to be able to share our passion and commitment with as many people as possible, we offer you:
  • A large and diverse range of active furniture (well-known brands, own brands and customization)
  • Assembly at your location
  • 10 days of furniture on test trial
  • A showroom where you can try everything out
  • Fast delivery in the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Super service, whether you buy as a private person or as a company

Team Worktrainer is ready for you

Visit our Work Happy Center. Here you can try out our entire range. We are happy to help you make a choice for your ultimate active workplace. 
Try it out first? Ask for our trial service for your company. This way you and your colleagues can test the furniture for 10 days.
Worktrainer works together with Ferm Werk for building sit-stand desks, Deskbikes and sending packages. In this way we help people at a disadvantage in society to find a job.
Worktrainer is happy to help you furnish your office. Are you moving with the business, have new employees added to the team or do you want to actively furnish the office? We like to think along with you.