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Stable collaboration

Looking for office furniture that offers workspace for several colleagues? Check out our double desks, duo workplaces and desk configurations at Worktrainer. The double desks from Worktrainer are popular duo sit-stand desks for the office. Two or more employees actively work opposite of each other and adjust their own worktop height electrically. This is not only healthy and practical, but also ensures a tidy overall office look. Take a look at our range of double desks and find the model that suits your office needs.  

SteelForce 470 Duo | Double Electric Sit-Stand Desk

Double sit-stand desk with a unique spindle system. Stable and silently adjustable in height. Available in white,. black or silver. The engines are nicely hidden in the frame. Optional table partition

€ 1.195,00

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8 reviews
BasicDesk Duo | Double Sit-stand Desk

Double sit-stand desk BasicDesk Duo, suitable for 2 persons. Includes convenient memory controls and available in black and white.

€ 889,00

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1 reviews
OakDesk Duo | Electric Sit-Stand Desk

Sit-stand desk for 2 workplaces, beautiful design with modern oak feet. Stable and quiet in height adjustable. Including convenient memory display!

€ 1.395,00

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2 reviews
Honmove Duo | Double Electric Sit-Stand Desk

For the sit-stand islands. As stable as a tank, can be adjusted in height independently from each other. Options such as side panels, memory display, and a partition, almost anything is possible.

€ 1.285,00

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1 reviews
SteelForce 670 Duo | Double Electric Sit-Stand Desk

Double sit-stand desk with a unique spindle system. Stable and silently adjustable in height. Available in white,. black or silver. The motors are nicely hidden in the frame. Optional table partition

€ 1.255,00

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0 reviews
Linak Duo Bench | Double Sit-stand Desk

This Linak Duo Bench has a load capacity of 80 kg per workstation and is a very innovative bench in the Linak series.

€ 1.249,00

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Linak Round Duo Bench | Double Sit-stand Desk

The Linak Round Duo Bench is a highly innovative addition to the Linak series, thanks to its unique design featuring a round column frame.

€ 1.375,00

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Linak Square Duo Bench | Double Sit-stand Desk

This workplace is not only very stylish but also practical. Thanks to the double desk setting, you can work on it with 2 people, and the height can be individually adjusted.

€ 1.899,00

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Linak Quattro Bench | 2 x Double Sit-stand Desk

With the Linak Quattro Bench, you can instantly set up an office island. Two variations are available, standard and high speed.

€ 3.949,00

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Linak Triple | Electric Sit-Stand Desk Island

Electrically adjustable desk island for 3 people. This triangle desk island has convenient smart memory controls per desk. 2 variations available, standard and high-speed.

€ 2.495,00

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Double standing desks: for more creativity, flexibility and order in the office

Switching between sitting and standing working is becoming increasingly popular and normal. Studies show that it has all kinds of benefits. This makes us more productive and creative, we can concentrate better and we have less trouble with our shoulders, neck and back. No wonder that the range of active furniture is increasingly being geared to the diverse wishes of both home workers and offices. Double desks (also: double sit-stand desks workstations, duo desks or benches) combine the advantages of other sit-stand solutions.

The benefits of double sit-stand desks

A good sit-stand desk must match your wishes or the wishes of your employees. Important factors to take into account are:

There are several reasons why benches are so suitable for (larger) offices:

  • If you put several double desks together, work islands are created. Because duo desks can be placed more neatly against each other than, for example, single sit-stand desks, the office looks neatly tidy.
  • All double sit-stand desks at Worktrainer have a built-in memory display that remembers the height of all employees. The desks are therefore very suitable for flexible workplaces.
  • Every employee can adjust the worktop height themselves and determine when he or she wants to work sitting or standing.
  • An intermediate screen (also: table screen or partition wall) from Nyink and side walls provide the necessary peace and privacy.

Beloved models: OakDesk, Honmove or a SteelForce?

The electric double sit-stand desks from Worktrainer are electrically operated, have a large desktop and therefore a lot of work space, and are very stable thanks to the double number of legs. Popular models are:

  • The OakDesk Duo has an elegant design and the worktop is available in different sizes and colours, such as havanna, natural oak, wild pear or white. The table screen and frame are also available in different shades.
  • The Honmove Duo can also be ordered in different sizes and colors and with additional options, such as a table screen, cable duct and side walls.
  • The SteelForce 470 Duo is our most affordable electric double sit-stand desk. It has a spindle system, a Global Green Tag certificate and meets the European standard for ergonomic workplaces.

Double desks: the best of both worlds?

Benches combine several advantages of other sit-stand furniture:

  • Flex desks or work islands enable dynamic teamwork, while dividers and side walls ensure peace and privacy.
  • Several duo desks against each other create unity and order, but the adjustable worktops leave room for individual (height) wishes.
  • In large open-plan offices, small work islands can be created with double desks, where concentrated work can be done.

Worktrainer stands for excellent service

From the selection of the perfect desk to the assembly: Worktrainer is happy to support you throughout the entire process. You can count on us for:

Zit-sta bureau A140


Prima budget zit-sta bureau en elektrisch. Voor de thuiswerkers, maar KPN, Ahold en Google hebben hem ook al staan.

zit-sta bureau steelforce 670


Snel, stabiel, hoog genoeg voor iedereen en geruisloos in hoogte verstelbaar. Een prachtig design voor op de werkplek.

Steelforce 2H bench dubbel bureau


Een zit-sta eiland creëer je eenvoudig met deze Bench. Zo stabiel als een tank en onafhankelijk van elkaar te verhogen en verlagen.

Dankzij onze ruime magazijn kunnen wij snel en uit voorraad leveren. Bij verzendingen ontvang je het meubilair binnen 1 tot 2 werkdagen in huis.

Wil je het laten bezorgen & monteren, houd dan rekening met een levertijd van 7 tot 14 werkdagen.



Steelforce 471


Op dit bureau kun je een groot "hoek" werkblad plaatsen om zo een hoekbureau te creëren.

Y desk


ls je echt iets bijzonders zoekt voor thuis of op de afdeling. Inclusief handige memorie display!



Mooi bureau gevonden en wil je hem eerst uittesten? Vraag een proefplaatsing aan.

Happy klanten | Onze projecten

Ortec weet hoe te innoveren tijdens de werkuren met de deskbike!
Alleen zitbureaus op kantoor? Bij Woonwijze hebben we de bestaande bureaus aangepast naar zit-sta.
Schiphol Group
Staand vergaderen is beter voor een snelle besluitvorming. Vandaar dat Schiphol Group de vergaderruimtes inricht met Stand4Work en Deskbikes.
De Wegwijzer - Beweegklas
Fietsend een spreekbeurt aanhoren of staand de topografie van Griekenland leren.

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