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Is your current desk too small, are you looking for a different shape or did you just buy a separate desk frame? The Worktrainer table tops are available in all kinds of different sizes and shapes, or can be ordered to a different size. Our customers appreciate the individual options, the excellent quality and the beautiful finish. 


Tabletop | Separate top
Tabletop | Separate top

Choose from different colors to find the perfect match for your desk or table. The worktops have a melamine top layer and are easy to maintain and very durable.

€ 65,00

A separate table top for your desk: (almost) all sizes possible!

For a long time, desks were sold as functional units. The worktop was stuck to the frame that was the deal. Whether it actually matched our wishes and our interior was not important. How different is that now? Frames and table tops are increasingly offered separately, so that we can compose a desk that suits us optimally.

A custom table top: What dimensions do you need?

Our smallest rectangular table top is 60 x 40 cm, our largest 200 x 100 cm. In addition to popular standard sizes, our customers are often looking for special dimensions, such as a table top size 300 x 80, a desktop 150 x 75, a desktop 220 x 80 or a desktop 240 x 80. Other sizes or shapes are of course also possible. Are you setting up your (home) workplace and are you unsure about the size of your new worktop? Please contact us. We are happy to help you on your way.

Build your perfect workplace with a separate desktop

With a separate worktop you can go in all directions. What do you think of the ideas below for your home workplace or office?
  • Very hip at the moment: wooden trestles with a separate desktop on top. Please note: With a long desktop, this construction can become somewhat unstable. In that case, place a third trestle under the center of the worktop.
  • Particularly suitable for meetings: an oval or barrel-shaped table top. In white or black, it immediately gives your office a touch of design.
  • Do you need a lot of work space? Then a corner-shaped table top from Worktrainer is very suitable. Our Alpha, Wing and Cad models are available in different sizes and proportions.
Just to be sure, take a look at our sit-stand desks. Our range is large and diverse, so you may find a ready-made model that suits your needs.

Team Worktrainer is ready for you

Visit our Experience Center. Here you can try out our entire range. We are happy to help you make a choice for your ultimate active workplace. 
Try it out first? Ask for our trial service for your company. This way you and your colleagues can test the furniture for 10 days.
Working from home can be much more fun and enjoyable with active furniture. At Worktrainer you can easily order your home workplace via your company
Easily assemble our active furniture yourself or use our handy Assembly Service. We assemble throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.
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