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Laptop risers & accessories

Finishing Touch

With a laptop stand, you raise your laptop higher, so you look straight ahead instead of down. It's much healthier for your neck and posture. Our laptop stands are compact and lightweight, so you can easily take them anywhere.


Worktrainer | Laptop Riser Foldable

Unfold, adjust to the correct height and get to work! The Laptop Riser - Foldable is convenient to carry and has 5 height settings.

€ 14,95

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21 reviews
Worktrainer | Laptop stand

Stable laptop stand, made of steel and aluminum. Height adjustable with a turning screw. Available in silver.

€ 29,99

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1 reviews
Wireless Charging Station

5-in-1 charging station. Suitable for charging smartphones, earphones and smartwatches from Apple and Samsung.

€ 17,95

€ 29,95

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1 reviews
Floor mat

Transparent plastic with anti-slip. Version for carpet or smooth floors. Spares your carpet or floors and allows your Deskbike to roll even better.

€ 49,95

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4 reviews
Cricket ErgoLine | Laptop and tablet stand

Foldable stand for laptop, tablet and phone. Easy to use and no chance of overheating.

€ 48,50

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1 reviews
R-Go Riser Flexibel | Laptop Stand

The R-Go Riser Flexibel laptop stand is a light and compact model that is easy to transport, and therefore ideal for flex-workers. Colours: white, silver, or black.

€ 79,95

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2 reviews
Worktrainer | Laptop Riser Ultra Slim

The Ultra Slim Laptop Stand is a small and compact laptop stand. You can easily fold it up and slide it into your laptop bag.

€ 19,00

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2 reviews
Inlite Led | Desk light

The Inlite LED desk lamp as a touch screen display for; sleep time mode, relaxation mode, study mode and reading mode. Available in 3 colours.

€ 179,00

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1 reviews
FlexLite LED | Desk light

With a four step dimmer to set the light at any strength preferred. On the weighted base you can read which setting is being used. Available in black or white.

€ 215,00

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0 reviews
Treepod Biobased Multi | Laptop and tablet stand

Consists mostly of wood, is lightweight, and can be taken apart easily. Suitable for all tablets and laptops weighing up to 5 kg.

€ 49,95

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0 reviews
Ergosteel travel | Laptop stand

The laptop stand has an open design, allowing the battery of your laptop to cool better, which prevents overheating. Available for laptops weighing up to 5 kg. Colour: white

€ 49,50

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0 reviews
R-Go Riser Duo | Laptop and Tablet Stand

3-in-1: The R-Go Riser Duo ergonomic tablet and laptop stand. Suitable for tablets, laptops and documents. Can be set at 4 different heights. Made of aluminum.

€ 109,99

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0 reviews
Traveler | Laptop riser stand

The Traveler laptop stand is suitable for almost every laptop and tablet. Great for an ergonomic home workplace. Includes handy storage cover.

€ 69,00

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0 reviews
R-Go Read2Write | Document holder

From reading to writing in one movement? This is very easy with the R-Go Read2Write document holder. Available in matte acrylic and oak wood design.

€ 119,99

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0 reviews
Memory Master Separate

Handy control element with memory function for the Steelforce desks. Operate your electric sit-stand desk easily by using this separate Memory Master control.

€ 58,00

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1 reviews
BackTrec | Back massager

Use at home to relieve muscle tension, improve spinal mobility, relieve sensitive trigger points and gently stretch the spine.

€ 120,00

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0 reviews

Laptop risers and other accessories that complete your healthy workspace

More and more people are working from home, in co-working offices or are online from abroad. A laptop is often the best fit for this mobile way of working. Have you ever paid attention to how you sit behind your laptop? Probably you look down and your neck and shoulders bend forward a bit. This could be better, because your head weighs as much as a bowling ball and the wrong posture can be burdensome for your neck and shoulders. So prevent these symptoms and place everything at the right height.

Work ergonomically with a laptop support

If you want to work healthy behind a laptop, the top of your screen should be at eye level. A laptop riser or laptop stand is designed to do just that. Because you raise your laptop, you no longer look down, but straight ahead. This is much better for your neck, shoulder and back muscles. Most risers have several positions and have an open design, so your laptop won't overheat. Tip: If you choose a laptop riser for your desk, an external keyboard will come in handy. Always choose a keyboard that is ergonomic.

Practical and lightweighted

Most laptop stands or laptop holders are light and compact: You can easily fold them and put them in your laptop bag. Popular models that you can take anywhere are the Worktrainer laptop stand and laptop stand foldable, the R-Go Riser and the Ergosteel travel. Do you also have a tablet? The R-Go Riser Duo offers space for a laptop and a tablet at the same time.

Extras: Light at the workstation

Our desk lights have different settings such as relaxation mode, study mode and reading mode. Listen to your body and eyes and choose light that suits your tasks and mood.

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