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Kybun | Anti fatigue mat
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Would you like to make work standing up really comfortable? Then kick off your shoes and go stand on the kybun. The soft, flexible, resilient mat makes you feel like you're floating.

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Kybun - Active Stamat

Kybun stamat
omschrijving van de afbeelding

Take off your shoes and stand on the Kybun. The reactive material that the kybun is made of ensures that your foot sinks into the mat, so that your body takes the original position.

A thick layer remains between the ground and the soles of the feet. As a result, the kybun mat stimulates the body with small movements to maintain and / or improve balance and posture.

Pros and cons

  • This soft and resilient mat makes you feel like you're floating
  • Thanks to this thick mat, there is still a lot of space between the mat and your feet, which ensures continuous movement
  • Because you are not standing still, you continuously train your muscles and your back
  • A higher segment due to Swiss quality


  • Extra thick: 6 cm
  • Material: polyurethane
  • Colors: Bordeaux and anthracite
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • You exercise your muscles
  • You relax your back
  • You improve your posture
  • You reduce fatigue
  • Spares the joints
  • Swiss quality

Standard mats

The standing mat is suitable for (home) offices, workshops, production lines, laboratories and therapy. A relief for tired feet!

Ideal for all standing workplaces.


How does the standing mat work behind your workplace?

These videos show you how to use the Kybun active standing mat behind the workstation. Simple and effective!

Kybun - Active standing mat

Stand on a standing mat behind your workplace.

Of course you are active better! Standing permanently on hard floors is heavy and stressful. A traditional flat foam mat does not provide real relief when standing.

The mat is suitable for use with flats & is also perfect for barefoot fans.
The kybun mat is a soft and elastic resilient mat. The reactive pressure zone allows the foot to sink deep into the mat and offers optimal suspension.

The kybun mat encourages the body to make small, permanent movements to maintain balance and posture.

Test the Kybun standing mat

The resilient effect ensures that the muscles tighten and relax, so that you automatically train the muscles in your feet, legs and glutes. The Kybun improves balance, coordination and all-round fitness movements without taking time. Ideal for sit-stand workplaces, receptions and counters.

  • Test the Kybun standing mat! In the Worktrainer Experience Center you can test the Kybun standing mat. Come and visit Harmelen and try it out!

From passive sitting to active standing

The Kybun mat is very nice and makes everyday life more active. Amateur and professional athletes also use this soft, resilient mat to practice exercises.

The rebound effect provides alternating muscle tension and relaxation. This trains the leg, foot and back muscles. The kybun mat effortlessly improves balance, coordination and general fitness.

The Kybun standing mat is available in 3 different sizes (length x width):

  • Small: 46 x 46 cm
  • Large: 96 x 46 cm
  • XL: 196 x 46 cm

We are happy to help you on your way

Please use this product using the video and pdf.

Working on a standing mat

With an anti-fatigue mat, your muscles will subtly contract and relax as they adapt to the flexibility of the mat. With our anti-fatigue mats you can reduce the pressure on your knees, feet and joints by up to 40%. Less tired = Better quality work!

Kybun actieve stamat
Kybun stamat
Kybun stamat
Kybun stamat
kybunt actieve stamat
kybun actieve stamat

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Rashnu - 16-12-2021 19:38

Langdurig staan is nu veel prettiger dan zonder mat, omdat je toch een klein beetje in beweging blijft. Geen stramme benen meer. En het is lekker zacht onder mijn voeten, want binnen loop ik altijd zonder schoenen.
Zelfs met zitten op mijn Ongo kruk gebruik ik hem

Caroly van Oostende - 30-12-2019 14:22

Prima om op te oefenen als je stabieler wilt lopen of staan. Voorkomt hopelijk nog meer valpartijen.

Henk - 06-12-2017 16:15

De mat zorgt ervoor, dat ik tijdens mijn werk blijf bewegen. Voor mij belangrijk wegens chronische rugklachten.

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Kybun | Anti fatigue mat


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