SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING 'Sitting is the new smoking' is the slogan of years to come. Nowadays everybody wants to live healthier, at home but also at work. Herewith 5 tips you can do, next to buying a deskbike, of course.

1. Start your day moving.
How do you go to work? By car, bicycle or public transport? Can you leave the car and walk to a bus stop nearby? (Of course, in the pouring rain, you're quite right to drive). Stop a bus stop earlier or park the car a bit further away.

2. Get up to get a drink at work and drink enough water!
Do not put big bottle of water on your desk, especially because it means you don't have reason to stand up! Get a glass of water or tea every hour. Perhaps sometimes some coffee, but of course in moderation. As a result, you stand up more, not only to get your drink, but also to walk to the toilet! Drinking a lot of water is also very good for your skin and health.

3. Another meeting scheduled?
Try to schedule the informal meetings as a walk! Does the sun shine outside? Ask the customer to take a walk to discuss business.

4. Go out walking with your colleague during a brake
We are already 24/7 on our mobile and laptop, so it's a good excuse to stretch your legs if you need to get something or need to get some information from a colleague. In addition, it is sometimes even faster than sending a mail.

5. Go somewhere else to have lunch
Treat yourself to your break as a real break. Do not stay inside in the same room but ask if a colleague wants to eat something outside somewhere! In the summer you can make your own lunch and find a place to picnic somewhere!
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