Why should I start with the deskbike?

That is of course the key question! The deskbike makes it possible to get fit during working hours. No more hassle with racing back and forth to the gym for that one half hour of cardio. Do you want to  exercise, but preferably during a telephone appointment? Or just because you want to become fitter? Just cycle on your deskbike during your working time!

How do you start with the deskbike?

The biggest mistake you can make is to spend a lot of hours on the deskbike. You exhaust yourself right away, while your body is not used to so much exercising yet. You will notice that your training has a great impact on your body in the beginning. With little training you make great progress, or the 'super compensation curve' is very big in the beginning. "

What should you do?

This depends on what you have done in other sports. Are you really not used to sport? Do not sit on the deskbike for more than an hour during the first few days. Do not start with very intensive training immediately. You do not have to deliver a top performance within two weeks. Just go for a quarter of an hour every hour. Then you can slowly start building up the training schedule: if this went well, now take the next step. You will now try to cycle a bit longer and turn the resistance knob a bit tighter.

When can I use the deskbike?

Always! That's the convenient thing about the deskbike. Swith the deskbike with your active chair or stand up to stay fit and moving. Sitting a few hours behind your desk is no longer tiring in this way. The deskbike also keeps your work fun and varied, take on this challenge!
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