Did you know that you can jump on the trampoline behind your desk? Yes really, jumping trampoline while you work. Okay, not really a summersault, but you can do all kinds of exercises on the trampoline that keep you moving, balancing is good for your body!

Why on the trampoline? A NASA study: Dr. A. Bhattacharya concludes in his research that with trampoline jumping, or rather 'balance' on a trampoline you can train your whole body, while this does not put extra pressure on the muscles, joints and tendons. This is of course very useful if you want to rapidly train at work, without using many attributes.

Even more benefits of training on a trampoline:
 Helps with weight loss because fat tissue burning
 The metabolism (digestion) increases
 Friendly for your back and intervertebral discs
 Minimum to no strain on the joints
 Improves your body posture
 Improves mobility
 Improves your coordination and your responsiveness
 Total training for all your muscles (strengthens your muscles including your heart muscle)
 Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles
 Increases your breathing capacity
 Above all: You will be happy and you will feel better in your skin by producing endorphins.

Especially for your trampoline fans we have made a video in which a number of exercises are covered. We use the trampoline version with arm muscle trainers attached to it, this product is available in our webshop.

Lots of fun balancing and good luck!
  Paula     25-04-2018 13:40     Comments ( 1 )
Comments (1)
 Margaret Rodriguez -  09-07-2018

Thanks for sharing the information, definitely this information will help to knock out the fear from parents mind.