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Aeris Swopper Capture (Wool Mix) | Sit-Stand Chair
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Active sitting? This is possible with the Aeris Swopper Capture (wool mix). The Swopper provides a bouncy and dynamic seat, which challenges your body to keep moving.

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Aeris Swopper - Capture (Wool Mix)

omschrijving van de afbeelding
omschrijving van de afbeelding

To the front, back, left and right! Thanks to the patented 3D technology, the Aeris Swopper (former Swopper Classic) stimulates healthy and active sitting with frequent position changes.

With the Aeris Swopper back pain or a tense sitting posture is prevented, because you are constantly on the move.

Pros and cons

  • Thanks to the patented 3D technology you can sit healthy and active with frequent position changes
  • The Aeris Swopper prevents back pain or a tense sitting position, because you are constantly in motion
  • Strengthens and trains the muscles
  • Burns calories while sitting!
  • Your body has to get used to
  • Fabric: Capture (Wool)
  • Spring strength: 50 to max. 120 kg weight
  • Seat available in: many trendy colours
  • Frame with or without wheels: available in black, light grey and white
  • The suspension: available in the color of the seat (only possible for black, gray, red, blue, green) or equal to the frame colour

What size do I need?

Swopper Medium without load 52 - 65 cm, with load 45 - 60 cm

Swopper High without load 56 - 76 cm, with load 49 - 69 cm

How do you move on a Swopper

Swopper is a low stool designed in such a way that you tilt your pelvis and you cannot help but sit actively. With its innovative 3D technology that enables movement and change of posture, the Aeris swopper has revolutionized the office chair market. The multiple award-winning swopper adapts completely to you & ndash; and not the other way around! Active sitting in countless changing sitting positions keeps you moving throughout the day and strengthens your back. This way you stay fit and enjoy working.

Stool Aeris Swopper - Capture (Wolmix)

Stool Aeris Swopperr - Capture

From the front, to the back, from the left, to the right! Thanks to the patented 3D technology, the Aeris Swopper stimulates healthy and active sitting with frequent position changes. The leather seat of this Swopper gives a chic look and is immune to static charge. Enjoy moving sitting with style!

The Aeris Swopper prevents back pain or a tense sitting position, because you are constantly in motion.

Fabric and colors

A special high-tech cushion with an innovative, luxurious upholstery in 85% New Zealand wool and 15% polyamide - for feather-soft seating comfort. Five coordinated function layers ensure that you sit mobile, comfortable and pressure regulated.

The Aeris Swopper - Capture coating has a high abrasion resistance and is easy to clean. The Aeris Swopper - Capture seat is available in 20 colors:

  • colors :Black, Gray, Red, Blue, Green, Brown grey Melange, Stone grey Melange, Platinum Melange, Slate grey Melange, Black Blue Melange, Pigeon Blue Melange, Azure Blue Melange, Petrol Blue Melange, Dark Red Melange, Orange Red Melange, Pink Red Melange, Pink-violet Melange, Pink -beige Melange, Beige-green Melange and Green-beige Melange

Floor protection

All Aeris Swoppers without wheels are supplied with metal gliders (optimized for floors with carpeting such as carpet, felt etc.) and felt glides (optimized for floors such as stone, tiles, parquet, etc.)

Test the Aeris Swopper

Try out the Aeris Swopper Capture in the Worktrainer Experience Center. Experience it yourself and test this Swopper, or order it online easily.

We'll help you on your way

Assembling it yourself is not very complicated. Get started with the instructional video, assembly instructions and additional information.

Do you work at the computer all day? Especially then it is extra nice to use a Swopper.

Nowadays, swoppers are increasingly presented as an alternative to an office chair. The big advantage lies in the movement. Besides the fact that you are of course freer to move, you will also do this automatically. It is simply not possible to slump. In short: you are constantly encouraged to adopt a correct posture with a straight back. Do you work at the computer all day? Especially then it is extra nice to use a Swopper. Regular sitting on a Swopper makes you more aware of your posture.

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FMB - 21-12-2020 18:30

Mooi, maar voor al heel comfortabel, een verademing voor mijn rug. Een investering, maar ik raad het elke thuis(brueau)werker aan.
Worktrainer had vlak nadat ik bestelde een kortingsactie voor thuiswerkers en was zo royaal me de korting met terugewerkende kracht te geven. Supersnelle reacties op vragen in de chat van de webwinkel en per email. De levertijd viel helaas wel tegen - toen ik bestelde was 2-3 weken aangekondigd, dat werd zonder bericht bijgesteld naar een week of zes. Piekdrukte kan natuurlijk voorkomen, zeker nu, maar een berichtje was op z'n plaats geweest.

Florian Groothuis - 17-08-2020 10:05

Ondertussen mijn tweede Swopper. De eerste was bij een andere werkgever en die was reden genoeg om nu wéér voor de swopper te gaan. Altijd de goede werkhoogte, actieve zithouding, variabele zithouding, en het ziet er nog mooi uit ook.

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Aeris Swopper Capture (Wool Mix) | Sit-Stand Chair


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