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Active working 

 Did you know that the desk chair was invented in 1851 ? In those times, people still got around with horse and carriage. Recent research shows that prolonged sitting is a dangerous activity. Fortunately, you can do something about it!

Healthy sitting is important. With movements on ergonomic chairs you prevent cramps and injuries in the workplace. Exchange your desk chair for active furniture. Deskbikes, chair balls, Swoppers and fun balance boards are just a few of the products in our selection office furnishing. Go and get active behind your desk, the times of sedentary working are over...  

Biking while workingExit desk chair, enter Deskbike The Deskbike is used with a sit-stand desk and provides your body with some healthy exercise while you're working.


NEW! THE VLUV CHAIR BALLVLUV... more than just sittingVLUV is a healthy and stylish chair ball. The ergonomic design lets you sit straight and comfortably behind your desk.

VLUV chair ball

Excellent standing-sittingMuvman as supportAn alternative to prolonged sitting or standing in offices, laboratories, workshops, but also for a sit-stand desk. The Muvman sit-stand chair.

Muvman sit-stand chair

This is how you can make your workstation active

Make your choice based on these inspiring photos from clients. Active working starts with alternating between sitting, standing, and exercising!

Check for inspiration

Take your business calls while walking

A health-oriented policy helps to reduce sick-leave, which results in annual saving. What does the media have to say about active working?

News & Research

SWOPPER FOR BALANCEA phenomenon in The Netherlands Swopper stimulates healthy and active sitting with frequent change of posture, thanks to the patented 3D technology.

Swopper active stool

Stand4Work meeting arrangementActive meetings Having standing meetings is the solution for a dynamic and healthy company. Meetings are shorter, and everyone is actively present.

Stand4Work meeting arrangement

VERY POPULAR: THE STANDING MATAnti-fatigue matThe standing mat is meant for using behind sit-stand workstations, receptions, counters, and other places where one has to stand a lot.

Standing mats



Sit-stand desk A140

Excellent basic desk and very competitively priced. Perfect if you work from home, but companies such as KPN, Ahold and Google have them too. 



Small sit-stand desk S100 - With wheels

Suitable for small tabletops from 60 x 80 cm. Has 4 wheels that make it easy to move.


Sit-stand desk A270 - Memory Display

Sit-stand desk A270 - Memory display

The best-selling sit-stand desk for the office. NEN certified, memory display, cross-bar and extra high, up to 128 cm.


Sit-stand desk S670

Sit-stand desk S670 - Memory display

Beautiful design for in the workplace. The wide feet make it very stable, and it easily fits a 2 metre tabletop.


Sit-stand corner desk S471 - Memory display

Corner desk S471 - Memory display

Sturdy sit-stand corner desk S471, with silent and fast height adjustment with memory display.


Sit-stand desk Ultrajust 2 - Memory display

Ultrajust 2 - Memory display

Cost-effective desk, yet includes memory display, and silent height adjustment up to 128 cm.


Sit-stand wall table - 501 Wall

Sit-stand wall table - 501 Wall

Is mounted against the wall. Takes up very little space, is very stable and is suitable for small tabletops.


Workbench - Double sit-stand desk S2H

Workbench - S2H

For the sit-stand islands. As stable as a tank, can be adjusted in height independently from each other.


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