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HÅG Capisco | Sit-Stand Office chair Saddle seat
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The Capisco from HÅG is an ergonomic design office chair with a saddle seat. The office chair can be adjusted to low, medium and high working positions. Ideal for use at a sit-stand desk.

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HÅG Capisco - Saddle seat Office chair

HÅG Capisco - Saddle seat Office chair
HÅG Capisco - Saddle seat Office chair

Ergonomics and design come together in the HÅG Capisco office chair with saddle seat. This dynamic office chair is adjustable in height, allowing you to work in low, high and semi-standing positions behind your sit-stand desk. You can adjust the Capisco office chair completely to your liking because the seat depth, seat height, backrest and rocking position are adjustable. So you have completely dynamic freedom of movement, but you still remain balanced.

The unique shape of the backrest and the large height adjustment provide endless working positions. Because this office chair does not have standard armrests, you can easily slide the chair under any desk.

Pros and cons

  • This chair is versatile due to the large height adjustment.
  • The choice of working positions on the Capisco office chair is endless due to the unique design and the large height adjustment.
  • Worldwide famous and popular saddle chair with Balanced Movement rocking mechanism for an active sitting position.
  • Not the most active attitude, alternating with, for example, a desk bike is best.
  • Frame colours: black, silver, white
  • Star base colours: black, silver, white
  • Backrest height: 460 mm (adjustable in height)
  • Height from seat to lumbar support: 150-240 mm
  • Backrest inclination: 15 ° 
  • With HÅG in Balance® (full freedom of movement backwards), lockable in 2 positions
  • Seat depth: 340-420 mm
  • Seat width: 470 mm
  • Suitable for: Working heights of 72 cm and higher
  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Foot star: Ø730 mm, with anatomically shaped footrests
  • Wheels: choice of wheels for hard or soft floors
  • Materials: Steel 37%, Plastic 27%, Aluminum 23%, Foam 10%, Fabric 2%, Other 1%, PVC 0%
  • Recycled parts: 90%
  • Option: Foot ring Ø45 cm (suitable for gas spring height 200 mm and 265 mm)
  • Certificates: ISO 14001, EPD environmental statement (ISO 14025 standard), Greenguard certification, Möbelfakta certification
  • Warranty: 10 years
HÅG Capisco - Saddle seat Office chair

What size do I need?

Gas spring height: 

  • 150 mm: Seat height: 408-540 mm, body length <160 cm
  • 200 mm: Seat height: 470-655 mm, body lenght 160-185 cm
  • 265 mm: Seat height: 555-810 mm, body lenght >185 cm 

The best position is your next position on the Capisco

In the 1970s, many ergonomics experts tried to determine the correct sitting position. Peter Opsvik, the designer of the Capisco, contributed by creating seating solutions that stimulate regular, unconscious movements. He believes that the best position is always the next one. This is the foundation of HÅG Movement and reflects the importance of active sitting!

Desk chair Capisco with saddle seat

Balanced Movement Mechanisme

A good chair should encourage the user to move, but at the same time should be able to offer optimal support for the variation in sitting postures. The unique Balanced Movement Mechanism of the Capisco stimulates movement and continuous challenge of the sitting position. The cross base with anatomically shaped footrests is ideal for resting your feet.

In terms of settings, you can block the Balanced Movement mechanism in 2 positions in addition to the standard height adjustment of the seat.

Upholstery and colours

The Capisco is upholstered with Xtreme fabric. This is a fabric made of 100% recycled polyester with extremely fire-resistant properties. The extra stretch and structure give the fabric a
playful and luxurious appearance.

  • Colours Xtreme: Black, Charcoal, Grey, Light Grey, Red, Dark Blue, Navy Blue 

Floor protection

The Capisco chair can be supplied with wheels suitable for hard surfaces (optimized for floors such as stone, tiles, parquet, PVC, etc.) or for soft surfaces (such as carpet tiles, rugs, floor coverings). The wheels are 50mm in diameter and with no load brakes.

Foot ring

As an option, you can choose a foot ring for your Capisco office chair. This foot ring offers your feet a comfortable opportunity for variation and movement. The foot ring provides stable extra support when sitting at a higher level and is easy to (dis)assemble. An ideal addition for sit-stand desks, sit-stand conference tables, lobbies and counters.

Test the Capisco office chair

Try out the Capisco in the Worktrainer Experience Center. Experience it yourself first or simply order it online.

The Capisco is available in many different colour combinations and fabrics. In the Flokk configurator you can configurate and download your ideal Capisco chair in a PDF overview. Send your Capisco request to info@worktrainer.com for a quote. 

Do it yourself? We are happy to help you on your way

Assembly is not very complicated. Get started with the instructional video, assembly manuals and additional information.

Capisco: freedom, seating comfort, more energy and productivity

Our bodies are made to move. The HÅG Capisco helps you stay healthier, more active and more alert by allowing you to move effortlessly while sitting and working. An ideal desk chair for your (home) office!

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HÅG Capisco | Sit-Stand Office chair Saddle seat


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