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Can be assembled to preference. In black/aluminium or black/white. Provided with a 3 m power cord.

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Evoline mounted module Dock has a couple of modules. The selection consists of a number of standard configurations. The Dock Desk can be assembled to preference, thanks to its modular system, with units such as power outlets, data, VGA, USB, audio, DVI, etc.

Sample modules

Version 1 - 3 x power (incl. 1 table clamp)
Version 2 - 3 x power + 2 x data (incl. 2 table clamps)
Version 3 - 5 x power + 1 on/off + 2 x data (incl. 2 table clamps)
Version 4 - 3 x power + 2 x data + 1 x VGA + 1 x audio + 1x USB (incl. 2 table clamps)

Material: aluminium casing
Colours: combo black/aluminium and black/white

All Evoline Dock mounted modules come with 3 meter power cord.

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