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Stand-up | Balance Stool
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The stand-up is a cone-shaped balance stool that invites you to move! Convenient to take along during the break, behind a sit-stand desk as a nice eye-catcher in the lobby.

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Balance stool - Stand-up

stand-up balanskruk
stand-up balanskruk

The Stand-up stool is a cone-shaped balance stool that resembles a classic roly-poly toy'.The Stand-up automatically swings itself up again after a small push and gives a bit of 'swing' to the working day.

  • Comfortable seat (⌀30cm)
  • With weighted anti-slip foot
  • Includes handy carrying strap
  • Upholstered in fiber flex fabric with modern '3d look'
  • Lightweight: 4.5 kg
  • Dimensions: W 30 x H 67 cm
  • Available in colours: black, anthracite, gray, brown, orange, red, dark blue, light blue and green.

Test the Stand-up Balance Stool

In the Worktrainer Experience Center you can test the Stand-up!

Come by and try it out yourself!

Working on a balance stool keeps you fit and sharp.

This is how you use the Stand-up balance stool at work.

Sit comfortably behind your workplace

Balancing with the Stand-up stool

The Stand-up invites you to move behind your desk with the anti-slip ball under the foot of the stool. Working statically behind a desk is no longer possible with the Stand-up.

If the stool is not used, it falls back into an slanted position. An invitation for the next user to move during work or during a break!

Lightweight balance stool

This lightweight balance stool is easy to carry, thanks to the hollow core and practical carrying strap.

You throw the Stand-up over your shoulder, on to a meeting or quick talk at the desk of a colleague. 

Sit and stand comfortably

Every trendy office now knows: working standing is better for your posture and good for productivity. To keep working in a comfortable position, there are balance stools for variety.

This Stand-up balance stool moves more on average than some other balance stools. This allows you to sit perfectly and ergonomically behind a high table. The legs are less stressed and the energy remains UP!

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Stand-up | Balance Stool


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