Walking and Working

Working standing behind a sit-stand desk is healthy, working walking behind a sit-stand desk is even healthier. With a treadmill or 'walkdesk' with desk from Worktrainer, you stimulate your circulation at a relaxed and leisurely pace that won't make you sweat. A treadmill or 'walkdesk' keeps you exercising all day long, because standing still is not an option!

LifeSpan TR1200 Solo | Treadmill

Work healthier with the LifeSpan TR1200 desktop treadmill, featuring an updated Display. With this treadmill you always keep moving at the office, your home workplace or use it as a flexible workplace

€ 1.379,00

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2 reviews
LifeSpan TR1200 Treadmill Desk | Treadmill with Sit-Stand Desk

Once you're in the flow on this treadmill, you're multitasking - completing your tasks while your body and mind reap the benefits of exercise. The control is nicely integrated in the worktop.

€ 1.999,00

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2 reviews
LifeSpan TR5000 Solo | Treadmill

Work healthier with the LifeSpan desktop treadmill TR5000, with renewed Display and strong 3.0 pk motor. With this treadmill you always keep moving while you are working.

€ 1.849,00

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1 reviews
LifeSpan TR5000 Treadmill Desk | Treadmill with Sit-Stand Desk

Standing, sitting or walking while working. The LifeSpan TR5000 Treadmill Desk is the healthiest workspace you could wish for. The TR5000 has a more powerful motor than the TR1200 and aluminum side ra

€ 2.495,00

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1 reviews
Walkdesk™ WTB500 Solo | Treadmill

The Walkdesk WTB500 Solo treadmill behind your desk offers an active and healthy way to work, allowing you to exercise and be productive at the same time.

€ 1.495,00

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3 reviews
Walkdesk™ WTB600 Treadmill Desk| Treadmill with Gasspring Standing Desk included

Treadmill WTB600 with a standing desk, to enjoy a nice walk while you work. Your health will improve while you are emailing or on the phone.

€ 1.795,00

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1 reviews
Walkdesk™ XL | Treadmill with Electric Sit-Stand Desk

Standing, sitting, or walking while you work. The Walkdesk XL is the healthiest workstation you could wish for.

€ 2.249,00

€ 2.495,00

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4 reviews
Walkdesk Lube 100 ml | Lube for Treadmill

Walkdesk Lube keeps your treadmill in optimum condition. Good lubrication between the deck and the treadmill is essential. It reduces the friction between the deck and the treadmill.

€ 15,50

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3 reviews

Active work on a treadmill: more than 10,000 steps every day

Are you achieving your 10,000 steps every day? According to two recent studies, 10,000 steps a day reduces the risk of cancer, dementia and heart disease. The pace at which you walk also plays a role. If you make some extra speed at at least 3,000 of the steps, chances of these diseases are even lower. With a sit stand desk with treadmill, you just save your steps while working, and exercise prevents obesity and lowers the risk of diabetes. If you are typing, walk at a nice leisurely pace. If you are talking on the phone or brainstorming, then speed up. Everything for your health!

Tip: A treadmill is combined with a sit-stand desk. In this video Michiel shows how he keeps moving with our Walkdesk XL.

A suitable treadmill for your workplace

Are you looking for a stand up work desk treadmill for the office or for working out at home? At Worktrainer, you will find high-quality treadmills from the Walkdesk™ and LifeSpan brands. The treadmills stimulate circulation and force you to keep moving. After all, if you don't, you'll fall off. That's not quite the kind of active workout we envisage…

Our treadmills or standing desks with treadmill:

  • Are easy to operate
  • Delivered and assembled by us on request
  • Have a display or app, which tracks step count, total time and calorieën, among other things
  • Reach speeds of up to 4, 5 or 6 kilometres per hour and are not intended for running on
  • Note: the Walkdesk™ can also be ordered including electric sit-stand desk or including sit-stand desk with gas spring

A desk with treadmill: walking, standing or sitting work

A treadmill for under your desk is a conscious investment. Treadmills are relatively heavy and take up more space than, say, an exercise stool or standing chair. Yet a treadmill also allows you to alternate between sitting, standing and walking:

  • You want to work sitting down? Then put the treadmill on pause and put an Aeris swopper, Varier Move saddle stool, Activity Stool or balance stool on it.
  • You want to work standing up? Put the treadmill on pause or stand on the sides.
  • You want more varied walking? Match the pace to your different activities. On the phone with a customer, for example, you can walk faster than while sending emails.

The benefits of a walkdesk or treadmill scientifically proven!

Multiple studies highlight the benefits of walking on a treadmill or outdoors:

  • A study from the United States shows that working on a treadmill improves work performance and peer interaction.
  • According to the aforementioned studies, the risk of cancer, dementia and heart disease is reduced if you take at least 10,000 steps a day. If you walk a little harder at 3,000 of those steps, the chances decrease even more.
  • Multiple studies show that taking 10,000 steps at a leisurely pace is better for your health than going to the gym three times a week. Moreover, you burn fat more effectively this way.


This article was written on a treadmill. Total duration: 3 hours. Average speed: 1.5 km/h. Total steps: 7,800.

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