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Aeris Muvmat | Active Standing Mat
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The Aeris Muvmat is an anti-fatigue mat with which your feet feel in a soft bed of moss and you can alternate from this comfort zone to an active zone with 3D structure.

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Active Standing Mat - Aeris Muvmat

omschrijving van de afbeelding
omschrijving van de afbeelding

A lovely walk in the forest during work? With the Aeris & ndash; Muvmat, your feet imagine themselves in a soft bed of moss and you can alternate from this comfort zone to an active zone with 3D structure. This variety stimulates movement and keeps you awake and fit.

The mat is suitable for use with shoes - and is also perfect for barefoot fans.

Pros and cons

  • Suitable for use with shoes, but also for bare feet
  • Thanks to the soft design, the zones and sensors are randomly activated to keep you fit while working
  • Gives a light massaging feeling
  • Only the ability to stand
  • Dimensions: 91.5 cm x 48 cm x 3.5 cm
  • Weight: 2.7 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Material mat: EP and PU soft integral foam
  • Very down to earth
  • Activates the sensors and trains the muscles
  • Relaxes feet and back
  • Keeps you fit and active

Standard mats

The standing mat is suitable for (home) offices, workshops, production lines, laboratories and therapy. A relief for tired feet!

Ideal for all standing workplaces.

How does the standing mat work behind your workplace?

In these videos you can see how to use the standing mat behind the workplace. Simple and effective! You can also see in 2 videos how to use the standing mat to do exercises.
Stay Active, Work Happy!

Stamat Aeris Muvmat

Stand on a standing mat behind your workplace.

With our new way of working, by standing behind your desk, it is of course important not to get sore feet, legs or back problems. The solution for that is a stamat. Moreover, it completes your active workplace!

With this Aeris active mat you are natural, active and relaxed and always on the move - like on forest floor.

2 separate zones

The mat consists of 2 zones: The comfort zone of this anti-fatigue mat consists of a resilient relieving foam and a large tread. The active zone has a 3D structure. This ensures a random activation of the reflex sensors, stimulates movement and keeps you fit during the day. 

  • Various standard mats are available at Worktrainer. Try out what you like more.

How do you use the Muvmat behind your standing desk?

The soft, flexible and at the same time activating floor mats relieves the body, protects the joints and help relieves tired legs.

The mat is suitable for use with all shoes or bare feet. In addition to the workplace in the office, the aeris active mat can also be used in production, laboratory, therapy or at home.

We are happy to help you on your way

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Working on a standing mat

With an anti-fatigue mat, your muscles will subtly contract and relax as they adapt to the flexibility of the mat. With our anti-fatigue mats you can reduce the pressure on your knees, feet and joints by up to 40%. Less tired = Better quality work!

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Aeris muvmat
Aeris Muvmat
Aeris Muvmat
Aeris Muvmat actieve stamat
Aeris Muvmat actieve stamat

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An-Marie - 09-09-2020 10:25

Goed idee, deze mat. Ze helpt bij het staand werken en stimuleert het bewegen tijdens het werken. Ik heb minder rugpijn sinds ik deze mat gebruik. Zowel blootsvoets als met schoenen aan voel je het positieve effect. De mat is ook gemakkelijk te verschuiven als je ze niet nodig hebt. Top product

Natasja Leurs - 19-06-2020 10:26

Ik vind het heerlijk om op de mat te staan. De structuur nodigt uit tot bewegen met je voelen, alsof je onbewust de grond aan het aftasten bent terwijl je staat te werken. Ik was bij aankoop niet zeker of het de investering waard zou zijn. Dat is het wel!

Diana Bokje - 14-04-2020 16:54

De mat stimuleert echt je spieren. Je blijft ook warm terwijl ik het anders heel koud heb als ik werk en zit. Zonder mat krijg ik eerder pijn in mijn rug. De hobbels onder je voeten is even wennen. De mat voelt heel prettig aan door zijn dikte.

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Aeris Muvmat | Active Standing Mat


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