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Knee chair with wheels - Varier Wing
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Varier Wing Balance chair supports the "knee position", rather than the vertical or rectangular position on traditional office chairs. With your feet on the ...

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Varier Wing balance chair

stand-up balanskruk
stand-up balanskruk

Varier Wing Balance Chair supports the 'kneeling position', instead of the vertical or rectangular position assumed on traditional office chairs. With your feet on the ground, it's easy to balance, bend, rotate or spin 360 degrees.

  • The back has a natural curve
  • Strengthens the back muscles
  • The saddle provides a straight, dynamic posture
  • The open angle between the trunk and thighs improves breathing and thus the oxygen supply
  • Very suitable for people who 'hang over' behind their desk
  • Equipped with an adjustable gas spring mechanism, suitable for different activities and desk heights
  • Seat height 50 - 60 cm
  • Including wheels (brakes without load and suitable for hard floors)
  • The Varier wing balance chair is easy to store under a table or desk

Test the Varier Wing

You can try out this balance chair in the Worktrainer Experience Center.

Experience it yourself and drop by!

Sit comfortably behind your workplace

Work comfortably with the Varier Wing

The open angle between the upper and lower body promotes blood circulation, increasing your energy and concentration.

The Wing balance from Varier takes up little space and fits easily into existing interiors.

Ergonomics is paramount with this balance chair Varier Wing

This balance chair is specially designed for a straight posture, by using the Varier Wing, your back will stay in a natural curve and your shoulders will not sag.

Conveniently adjustable with the gas spring mechanism.

Sitting comfortably and standing

Every trendy office now knows: working standing is better for your posture and good for productivity. To keep working in a comfortable position, there are balance seats for variety.

This allows you to sit perfectly and ergonomically behind a high table. The legs are less stressed and the energy remains UP!

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Knee chair with wheels - Varier Wing


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