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SteelForce 300 | Electric Sit-Stand Desk
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Electric sit-stand desk SteelForce 300. Ideal for home workers. Available with white, black or silver base.

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Silent, fast and super stable sit-stand desk

omschrijving van de afbeelding
omschrijving van de afbeelding

Get to work with the SteelForce 300! Get moving with this stylish sit-stand desk, ideal for working from home. Available with white, black or silver base. With this sit-stand desk you can opt for simple up / down operation or handy memory operation, with which you can set 3 positions to your ideal sitting and standing height. This desk has been awarded a Global Green Tag certificate due to its sustainable production.

Pros and cons.

  • Due to its compact size, this sit-stand desk also fits in smaller spaces.
  • Quickly adjustable in height with 2 motors. This ensures that you will alternate more between sitting and standing working.
  • Made of steel and therefore stable in both sitting and standing position.
  • The base has a durable spindle system. You can see this as a kind of wokkel that turns in the leg.
  • You have to press and hold the memory positions display (memory master) to go to the desired height.
omschrijving van de afbeelding

Start your new way of working

A world opens up for you with a sit-stand desk. You can now do your work in many ways: stand, sit, use other exercise furniture to wobble or cycle. Your whole working day will be a healthy exercise by varying enough. Increase productivity, burn calories and prevent complaints.
Stay Active, Work Happy!

Make your desk even more beautiful

Choose the desktop that suits you best

The desktop has a melamine top layer and is maintenance-friendly and very durable. With a little care, the desktop will look like new for years to come. A desktop comes directly from the factory, so you are assured of a competitive price and the usual 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

  • Colours: ❶ White ❷ Light grey ❸ Black ❹ Wild pears ❺ Havanna ❻ Natural oak ❼ Middle oak ❽ Brown oak
  • Thickness: 25 mm
  • Edge: Neatly finished with ABS bumper

Hide cables nicely with a cable tray

Tidy is neat! With a cable duct under the desk you will never again trip over loose cables, you can easily keep the floor under the desk clean and your workplace looks a lot neater. You simply have all plugs and power strips hidden in one place. Cable management to get through a ring!

  • Colours: Silver, White and Black
  • Height: 11cm
  • Depth: 12cm
  • Width: 75, 105, 115, 145, 165 of 175 cm*

*To hide all cables, it is best to choose the largest possible cable tray. For example, for a worktop of 160x80 cm, we recommend a gutter of 145 cm.


To make it as simple as possible, you have the following delivery options:

Shipping (1-2 days). Delivery in box, unassembled, with mounting tools and a clear manual. Setting up the frame takes about 30-45 minutes.

Assembly on location (6-14 days). Tell us where you want to have the desk installed and we guarantee that the furniture is professionally and quickly assembled. Only available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Pick up (1 day). Let us know that you will come by, then we will put the articles ready for you.

Do it yourself? We are happy to help you on your way

Assembling yourself is not very complicated. Get started with the assembly manuals and additional information.

An active working day? Stand behind your desk

Standing at your desk? With an electric sit-stand desk you can easily switch between sitting and standing. A lot better for your body and your productivity. Alternate between standing and sitting every half hour. Do you have a exercise tool such as the Deskbike desk bike or a balance board? Then your dynamic workplace is completely complete.

SteelForce 300 zit-sta bureau verstelbaar bureau
SteelForce 300 zit-sta bureau verstelbaar bureau
SteelForce 300 zit-sta bureau verstelbaar bureau

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Buitendijk - 20-02-2021 16:42

Prima bureau voor een mooie prijs!


Min. Size
120 x 60 cm
Max. Size
120 x 60 cm
Shape Worktop

Desk Frame

3,0 cm per second
Memory Display
White, Silver, Black
User length
1.55 - 1.90 m
Minimum Height
69 cm
Maximum height
118 cm
Minimum Width
100 cm
Maximum Width
150 cm
Max. Load capacity
80 kg
Dimensions of legs
6 x 6 cm
Global Green Tag
Lifting system
3 years

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SteelForce 300 | Electric Sit-Stand Desk


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