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The Inlite LED desk lamp as a touch screen display for; sleep time mode, relaxation mode, study mode and reading mode. Available in 3 colours.

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The Inlite Led desk lamp is a very slick and modern lamp in terms of office lighting. The Inzone™ LED lighting is equipped with a dimming function, a colour change function and a personal function.
The lighting can be set to the following personal functions.

Inlite desk lamp characteristics 

- Sleep time mode (2500-3000K) 
- Relaxation mode (2500-3300K)
- Study mode (6000-7000K) 
- Reading mode (4300-5300K)

De Inlite LED has a CRI colour index of 90+. De Inlite desk lamp has an elegant touchscreen panel with a clear display at its bottom.


- Equipped with the newest LED technology
- Automatic timer switches the light of after an hour with all personal functions
- Brightness with 5 options: 1100L/1000L/900L/750L/600L+/-100L
- 3 personal colour options
- CRI 90+
- Colour temperature 25007000K
- Brightness of 1100 LUX +/-100 LUX
- Touch screen display
- De Inlite LED is equipped with a USB port which enables the charging of, for example, a mobile phone or tablet

De Inlite LED desk lamp is available in black and white.

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Mart - 08-10-2018 08:47

Wat een geweldige lamp! De verschillende soorten licht zijn echt superhandig, afhankelijk van wat je achter je bureau zit te doen - het witte licht is echt perfect overdag en als het schemerig is om te lezen of te schrijven. Wist niet dat het zo veel verschil kon uitmaken. En de vormgeving mag er trouwens ook wel zijn.

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