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Ongo Classic Tall | Sit-Stand Balance Stool
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ONGO is used with standing tables a lot. Available in various colours, the marble track in the base gives you acoustic feedback to keep moving.

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Ongo Balance chair- Ongo Classic Tall

omschrijving van de afbeelding
omschrijving van de afbeelding

Although the human body is built for movement, you spend a large part in a sitting position, the ONGO balance stool offers the solution. ONGO lets you actively sit in both a low and high position. The innovative ball track built into the foot gives you an acoustic feedback on every movement you make.

It's time to say goodbye to unhealthy habits of sitting still: Get an Ongo Balance Stool!

Pros and cons

  • Thanks to the innovative ball track built into the foot, you give an acoustic feedback about every movement you make.
  • This Ongo Balance Stool lets you sit in a low and high position.
  • With the Ongo Classic Tall you have the option to actively stand and sit.
  • Available in many different colors, this can make the choice difficult!
  • Fabric: woven microfiber
  • Seat: Available in many colours
  • Height: 57-79 cm
  • Weight: 5,7 kg
  • Maximum capacity: 110 kg
  • Seat: 39 cm
  • Diameter foot: 42 cm
  • Very suitable for sit-stand tables
  • Activates the body and muscles
  • Sitting in a dynamic way

Test the Ongo Balance Stool

In the Worktrainer Experience Center you can try out the Ongo Balance Stool yourself. Experience it yourself and drop by!

How is the Ongo behind your workplace?

This Ongo balance stool helps you to increase your productivity and sense of well-being in a relaxed manner. The use of ONGO provides outstanding benefits for the spine and stimulates blood circulation. The timeless design and the use of high-quality materials mean that you can enjoy this seating solution for a long time in all respects.

Active sitting in countless changing sitting positions keeps you moving throughout the day and strengthens your back. This way you stay fit and enjoy working.

Balance behind your desk with Ongo Classic

Fabric and colours

The seat of the Ongo Balance Stool is available in lots of colors. The Ongo Balance Stool is available in woven microfiber. The base is available in white and black. 

You can choose the ball track in 3 different colors: black, silver or white.


Balance stool with direct feedback

There is also an app available for this Ongo balance stool. The goal of the designers of this ergonomic balance stool from ONGO is simple and challenging at the same time: to bring movement into people's lives in a playful and unnoticeable way.

Healthy working is important. With movements on ergonomic moving crutches you prevent cramps and injuries in the workplace.

Why sit still ?!

Did you know that the office chair was invented in 1851? At that time, our civilization still traveled by horse and carriage. Recent research shows that sitting still for long periods is a dangerous activity. Fortunately, something can be done about it!

Trade in your office chair for active furniture. Get moving behind your desk on a balance stool like this Ongo, the time of sitting still is really over ...

Do it yourself? We are happy to help you on your way

Assembling yourself is not very complicated. Get started with the additional information.

Do you work at the computer all day? Precisely then it is extra healthy to use an Ongo.

Balance stools are nowadays increasingly proposed as an alternative to an office chair. The big advantage lies in the movement. Besides the fact that you are of course more free to move, you will also do this automatically. It is simply not possible to slump. In short: you are constantly encouraged to adopt a correct posture with a straight back.

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Astrid van Hoogdalem - 30-11-2021 22:09

Fantastisch om constant in beweging te zijn tijdens het werk. Mijn rug is er erg dankbaar voor.

Paraic - 26-01-2021 22:19

Great stool!

Jacqueline - 10-01-2021 18:09

Goede oefening voor mijn buik- en bilspieren, deze Ongo! Doet wat ie zegt: wiebelen! Ik ben er erg blij mee en gebruik de Ongo dagelijks. Wissel het zitten op de Onga af met de aangeschafte deskbike en gewoon staan. Had ik eerder moeten doen dit!! Verder ziet de Onga er gewoon leuk uit. Oogt niet als een bureaustoel dus past prima bij de aangeschafte HonMove (zit/sta vergadertafel) die ik als eettafel gebruik.

I.k. - 29-07-2019 10:40

Ben erg blij met de Ongo. Doet wat ie zegt: wiebelen. Ik gebruik hem voor thuiswerkdagen achter de computer. Uitkomst voor mijn rug en schouders die automatisch in beweging blijven nu. Oogt niet als een bureaustoel dus past prima aan de eettafel. Mooie oplossing die ook nog relatief betaalbaar is.

Bleeker - 23-03-2019 14:58

Precies wat het moet doen.

Had wel 5 cm hoger mogen wezen voor mij (ik ben 182)

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Ongo Classic Tall | Sit-Stand Balance Stool


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