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Ongo Stand | Sit- Stand Leaning Stool
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The Ongo leaning stool Stand is a standing aid that can be shown off. Ongo successfully combines a sleek, modern design with the high ergonomic ease of a standing aid.

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Sit- Stand Leaning Stool - Ongo Stand

omschrijving van de afbeelding
omschrijving van de afbeelding

The Ongo leaning stool Stand is a standing aid that can be seen. The sleek modern design is successfully combined by Ongo with the high ergonomic convenience of a standing aid.

Pros and cons

  • Ideal for dynamic workplaces.
  • The sleek design is beautiful to the eye.
  • Moves with your body.
  • The comfort of the saddle differs per person.
  • A modern design
  • Ongo actively moves with your body
  • Adjustable in height from 61 to 90 cm
  • Ideal for dynamic workplaces
  • Ongo is a renowned brand where quality comes first
  • Maximum load: 110 kg

Which moving stool suits me?

Are you unsure which standing chair or hocker suits you best? Then come to the Worktrainer Experience center for advice. Or you use the comparison app on this website.

Mobility shocker or motion stool suitable for active sitting behind your desk for optimal body posture.

Seat Standing chair adjustable in height suitable for a standing desk, either leaning or sitting actively working behind the workplace, a standing chair can be moved from high to low in a sitting position by the up and down lever under the seat.

Videos about the Ongo Stand sit stand lean hocker

Every trendy office now knows: standing up is better for your posture and good for productivity. Standing chairs are available to keep working in a comfortable position. This allows you to stand perfectly and ergonomically behind a high table. The legs are less stressed and the energy remains UP!

Sit-Stand leaning hocker - Ongo Stand

ongo stand leunkruk

More information about the Ongo Stand

By means of a gas pressure spring, the ONGO stand can be easily adjusted to the ideal height. There is a seat cushion in three different colours. 

The Ongo Stand is ideal for those who work in the sectors: production, office, reception and much more.

The shape of the seat has been designed extra ergonomically, users feel more comfortable because you only have to lean against it. Standing aid Ongo is also optimal in terms of position and settings of the chair. At the same time, this elastic mounting promotes a large action radius, so that you can continue to work actively and therefore healthily.

We are happy to help you on your way

Get started with the video and user manual.

Do you work at the computer all day? Why sit still ?!

Did you know that the classic office chair with backrest was invented in 1851? At that time, our civilization still traveled by horse and carriage. Recent research shows that sitting still for long periods is a dangerous activity. Fortunately, something can be done about it! Healthy working is important. With movements on ergonomic moving crutches you prevent cramps and injuries in the workplace. Trade in your office chair for active furniture. Desk bikes, sitting balls, swoppers and fun balance boards are just a few of our range. Get moving behind your desk, the time of sitting still is really over ...

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ongo Stand
Ongo Stand
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Jan - 01-11-2021 09:10

Ik heb hem nu een paar weken in gebruik. Zit/staat goed, en ik leerde heel snel af om verkeerd te zitten (lui/bolle rug). Voldoet aan de verwachting.

u. blaeser - 25-06-2021 07:23

heel goed maar iets te hoog

Tortuga - 18-08-2019 21:52

Top product!

De Grenadier - 24-10-2017 21:40

Stevig voor een goede houding

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Ongo Stand | Sit- Stand Leaning Stool


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