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Silent, fast, and super stable sit-stand desk. The SteelForce 670 desk has a well-designed strong steel frame. Available in white, black or silver. Available for memor

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Quiet, fast and super stable sit-stand desk

The sit-stand corner desk SteelForce 670 has a beautifully designed steel frame in white, silver or black. The wide legs make the desk a beautiful design for a (home) workplace. The engines are nicely concealed in the legs and are extremely quiet when adjusting height.

The sit-stand frame has a unique spindle system. You can see this as a sort of screw that turns into the leg. This makes the frame extra stable and durable.

Really a great desk and many companies have already have the SteelForce 670 sit-stand desk in use. 

Features electric sit-stand desk Steelforce 670  

  • Hoogte: 61 cm tot 127 cm 
  • Height: 61 cm to 127 cm
  • Frame: Silver, Black or White
  • Electric: 2 motors
  • Speed: 3.9 cm per second
  • Available for memory display
  • Very stable due to wide legs
  • Dimensions of legs: 7x7 cm
  • Quiet and fast adjustment
  • Engines hidden in legs
  • Spindle lifting system
  • TÜV certified
  • User length: up to 210 cm
  • Warranty: 2 years

How does the SteelForce 670 look like?


Choose from different colours to find the perfect match.
  • The countertops have a melamine top layer and are maintenance-friendly and very durable. With a little care, they stay looking new for years.
  • All worksheets come directly from the factory, so you are assured of a competitive price and the usual factory warranty of 2 years.
  • Colours standard in stock: White, Light grey, Brown oak, Middle Oak, Nature Oak, Wild pears, Havanna and Beech
  • Size: 200 x 160 x 80/80 cm or 180 x 120 x 80 / 60cm. In the photos you will find a drawing with the sizes.
  • Worktop is 1 piece
  • Thickness 25 mm and beautifully finished with an ABS bumper.

Cable tray

If you take the desk to height, then it is obviously not so nice when you see cables hanging. Work your monitor and computer cables handy in the cable tray.

  • Colours: Silver, White and Black
  • Height: 11cm
  • Depth: 12cm
  • Width: 75, 105, 115, 145, 165 or 175 cm*
  • Practical cable tray with magnetic shut-off valves
*In order to get rid of all cables, it is best to go for the largest possible cable tray. For example, for a worktop of 160x80 cm we recommend a cable tray of 145 cm.
zit sta bureau monteren S670 monteur


Directly to the desired sitting or standing height? The memory master has a digital display on which you can set 4 heights. Another option is the fixed operation with only an up / down arrow.


Free assembly on location (delivery time 2-3 weeks). Tell us where you want the desk to be placed and we guarantee that the furniture is assembled professionally and quickly. The prices for the SteelForce 671 corner desk are all-in; thus including VAT, worksheet and on-site assembly. We deliver throughout the Netherlands!

Try it out

The SteelForce 671 corner desk is very stable, quiet and quickly adjustable. Do you want to experience this for yourself? Then come to the Worktrainer Experience Center and test it yourself!

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