Standing desks

Sit stand Exercise

Get some exercise behind your desk! The basic rule of an active workplace is a desk that moves with you. The ideal tool to stay healthy, fit, efficient and creative while working.

Sta bureaus


With the Deskbike and a sit-stand desk you have a complete, active office with which you literally give a twist to healthier entrepreneurship. 

Updesk sit-stand workstation


Place a desk riser on your work surface and you are ready to alternate sitting and standing. No assembly is required and for people who want to keep their existing desk, it is the perfect choice. 

Stand up


According to research, a "stand up meeting" goes 34% faster than with a sitting meeting setting, it stimulates blood flow in our brain and ensures alert colleagues.

Little time to assemble our products yourself? Make use of the Worktrainer assembly service.

We always assemble the frame in advance and then assemble the work surface and accessories on site. You can be ready in 10 minutes.




Get to work with the StudyDesk! If you would like to change your working position.

Conference table Honmove


With standing up you are assured of a proactive meeting. 

Offerte aanvragen


We offer a discount on your order on a purchase with large numbers.

Happy customers | Our projects

At Accenture, the 2,600 employees keep moving under the banner of fit @ work. It seems to work.
Senet, the application builders, have started moving work in the new building that we have furnished for them with our active furniture.
Sublime FM
Besides 'Fresh Jazzy Sounds' you can now also find our active furniture at Sublime FM.
ViS Secondment
62 people work at ViS, 55 of whom are seconded. Everyone uses active furniture.

Team Worktrainer is ready for you

Visit our Experience Center. Here you can try out our entire range. We are happy to help you make a choice for your ultimate active workplace. 
Try it out first? Ask for our trial service for your company. This way you and your colleagues can test the furniture for 10 days.
Working from home can be much more fun and enjoyable with active furniture. At Worktrainer you can easily order your home workplace via your company
Easily assemble our active furniture yourself or use our handy Assembly Service. We assemble throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.
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