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Steppie | Balance Board 57cm
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A Steppie is a platform with a convex bottom, just like a little surf board. It facilitates a stable stance, and if you want to exercise, you can slowly surf from left to right.

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Balance board Steppie

omschrijving van de afbeelding
omschrijving van de afbeelding

A steppie is a plateau with a convex bottom, just like a surfboard. You can stand on it stably and if you want to move, surf gently from left to right. Steppie comes from Denmark and the stable balance board is specially designed to actively stand behind your desk or during the meeting.

Pros and cons

  • Improves your blood circulation and ensures better concentration
  • The standing position provides a more natural posture
  • You consume more calories while working
  • Trains the trunk supporting muscles
  • Standing alone is also not good, alternate with standing or sitting

Balancing behind your desk helps you to work in an active position.
Properties Steppie:

  • Area: 56.5 cm x 36.5 cm
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves concentration
  • Promotes a natural posture
  • Prevents physical complaints
  • Consumes more calories
  • Reduces static muscle tension
  • Better for your joints
  • Option: Soft Top

Balance boards

Balance boards are available in various designs, round or rectangular, for adults or children. With sole grip or without. You have them that balance front to back and some also balance side to side.

In the Worktrainer Experience Center you can try out what suits you best.

How does the Steppie work behind your workplace?

Due to the minimal movement with Steppie, the trunk supporting muscles immediately come into action to keep your body in balance. Simple and effective!


Balance board Steppie

Balancing behind your workplace.

Stability is the quality or situation in which something is solid and / or strong. In the case of body stability, it is the combination of balance, strength and coordination. With stability training it is possible to train your muscles properly. 

A balance trainer is a tool to improve your balance. The balance exercises, performed on or with a balance trainer, aim to train several muscles at the same time. Examples of balance trainers are a ball cushion and a balance board. 

Balance board Steppie and other balance boards

The balance board, also known as a balance board, is a cheap and simple tool to make your work at your desk sportier and therefore healthier. The stability component under the board makes you train your legs and provides movement during the working day. 

Working with a balance board can ensure that your leg muscles become stronger and more stable, because you hold on to the standing desk you can get used to working on a balance board.

  • There are various balance boards available at Worktrainer. The & eacute; & eacute; n offers & nbsp; more movement than others, try out what you like more.

How to use the Steppie behind your standing desk

Place the Steppie on the floor under your desk. Step gently onto the side of the Steppie, then step onto the other side with your other foot. Move slowly back and forth on the Steppie and alternate this by standing still.

You are constantly on the move on the Steppie balance board, which creates a more active working posture. You promote a natural posture. With the Steppie you prevent physical complaints and daily use is good for your joints.

Option: Soft Top

The Steppie Soft Top is an anti-fatigue mat that you place on the Steppie. The Soft Top increases working comfort and improves blood circulation in your legs. By combining the Steppie and Steppie Soft Top, you actively bring movement into your body while you are wonderfully comfortable behind your desk.


Nice to wiggle

When you are on a balance board, you are constantly correcting yourself to maintain balance. This way you are active during your work and you train your upper body and leg muscles at the same time. Instant action, simple and effective!

Do you want to test the balance boards first? This is possible in the Worktrainer Experience Center or call 088 045 0880 for more information.

Steppie balansbord
Steppie balansbord
Steppie balansbord
Steppie balansbord
Steppie balansbord
Steppie balansbord

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Petra - 05-06-2019 13:24

Niet zo goed, omdat je weinig verschil merkt.

N. van Wittenberghe - 02-10-2017 22:44

Super: eindelijk bewegen tijdens je werk. Je kunt gewoon stilstaan in het midden en plaats je je voeten wat meer opzij, dan kan je rustig bewegen. Echt een aanwinst! Kost wel inspanning in het begin, maar dat zegt meer over het altijd maar zittend werken en het effect daarvan voor ik een zit/sta bureau had met Steppie!

Bert Groeneveld - 03-03-2017 16:36

In combinatie gekocht met zit/sta bureau. Bevalt prima. Wel nodig dat ik schoenen aan heb als ik erop sta. Met enkel sokken aan houd ik het niet lang vol (1/2 uurtje) Verder is het effect nog wat afwachten. Merk wel iets verbetering, zolang ik het allemaal wat afwissel met zitten.

geen - 09-12-2016 11:23

Superding, lekker breed dus je staat goed. ik beweeg er veel door. in combinatie met hoog/laag burea bevalt ie me prima. Is licht dus je zet em makkelijk weg, rechtop tegen ladekastje aan. Het lijkt duur, maar je bespaart op termijn op ziektekosten. dit ding is net zo duur als 2x fysiotherapeut...
Toch een nadeeltje gevonden: onderkant is hardr kunsstof, dus kan krassen maken op parketvloer. In mijn geval valt dat niet meer op, maar een dun matje er onder zou dan handig zijn.

Maarten - 23-10-2015 13:13

Prima, wel relatief duur ik heb ook de InZone - Anti vermoeidheidsmat die gebruik ik vaker.
Met de Steppie sta je ook wat hoger, ik ben lang dus te hoog.
Wel leuk voor af en toe

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Steppie | Balance Board 57cm


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