Corner desks

Populair among managers and home workers

Worktrainer's sit-stand corner desks are popular among managers, law firms, construction companies and other companies that need a lot of work space. Our desks are electrically adjustable in height and are particularly stable. From now on you can manage your business even more effectively and ergonomically.  

SteelForce 471 Corner | Electric Sit-Stand Corner Desk

Sit-Stand corner desk SteelForce 471, made of steel, with silent and fast height adjustment. Available for memory display. Available in a silver, black or white frame.

€ 945,00

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18 reviews
Lumi Corner | Electric Sit-Stand Corner Desk

A compact height-adjustable corner desk? The Lumi sit-stand corner desk is available in black, silver and white. Choice of 8 worktop colours.

€ 625,00

€ 695,00

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3 reviews
SteelForce 671 Corner | Electric Sit-Stand Corner Desk

Silent, fast, and super stable sit-stand desk. The SteelForce 670 desk has a well-designed strong steel frame. Available in white, black or silver. Available for memor

€ 975,00

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7 reviews
OakDesk Corner desk | Electric Sit-Stand Corner Desk

This OakDesk corner desk would not look out of place in a large office. Because the legs have a wide design, a real eye-catcher. The OakDesk sit-stand corner desk is available in white and black.

€ 1.295,00

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1 reviews
Linak SmartDesk Corner | Electric Sit-Stand Corner Desk

Sit-stand desk LINAK smartdesk adjusts height in a unique way. Push the control button twice and the desk immediately adjusts to the desired sitting or standing height.

€ 1.075,00

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Sit stand corner sit stand desks: lots of space, sturdy and durable

Worktrainer's electric sit stand corner desks are optimally tailored to the wishes of board members, professionals and employees who need a lot of space in their daily work. Our Lumi and SteelForce models have large worktops (color and precise size of your choice), two or three sturdy legs and an almost silent electric up-down mechanism. Thanks to the universal L-shape, these sit stand desks fit in every corner and you make optimal use of your space.

The SteelForce 471 and 671: force from the expected source !

The SteelForce 471 and SteelForce 671 are two popular electric corner standing desks that are very suitable for large spaces. A corner desktop up to two meters wide fits on the sturdy three-legged frame. The legs of the SteelForce 671 are slightly thicker than those of the 471, which gives this model a more robust look and makes it slightly more stable at higher altitudes. We offer combination discounts for both corner desks if you order them together with an active sit stand stool. Both the SteelForce 471 and the SteelForce 671 have been awarded a Global Green Tag certificate because of their sustainable production. In addition, the offices comply with the NEN-EN 527 standard and are TÜV certified.

For small spaces: the compact standing corner desk from Lumi

Do you have a corner in your living room or office that you don't use enough? Is there not enough space in the office for a large sit stand corner desk? Then the Lumi model is a good option. The sturdy steel frame is available in black, white or silver, the corner desk top in white, light grey and various shades of brown (including natural oak, wild pear and havanna). Despite the compact size, the recess in the seating area gives you more work space than with a regular sit-stand desk.

3 habits that are a thing of the past with an adjustable corner sit stand desk

You know those office habits that you know aren't good, but you just can't get rid of them? A corner sit stand desk is a good start:

  • Piles of paperwork on the floor or crosswise on another pile? During busy office days you quickly lose the overview. An adjustable corner desk generally has more work surface than a regular (sit-stand) desk. You can also place an extra drawer unit underneath.
  • An energy dip around three or four o'clock? A quick snack or cup of coffee is very tempting, but not necessarily healthy or effective for a long time. If you alternate between sitting and standing work during the day, your energy level is generally better and more constant.
  • The longer we sit, the more we often hang with our upper body forward. That is not healthy for our shoulder, back and neck muscles. With a corner desk sit stand you regularly work standing and upright, which reduces muscle complaints.

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