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From home workplace to furnishing your office. Working can be nicer, healthier and also more fun when you keep moving. Are you looking for a sit-stand desk, deskbike, adjustable stool or laptop riser? Then you are at the right place at Worktrainer. Take a quick look at our wide range of active furniture. Work active, work happy!

Our Most Popular Ergonomic Products

Deskbike Medium
Deskbike Medium

The Deskbike is used with a sit-stand desk and provides your body with some healthy exercise while you're working. Use the free Deskbike App to monitor your exercises.

€ 329,00

Electric Sit-Stand Desk - YDesk
Electric Sit-Stand Desk - YDesk

Compact sit-stand desk with modern designed with an Y base. You can adjust this desk with the sloped leg and foot arbitrarely between 70 and 114,5 cm in a very high stability and low noise level.

€ 540,00

Electric Sit-Stand Desk SteelForce 670
Electric Sit-Stand Desk SteelForce 670

Silent, fast, and super stable sit-stand desk. The SteelForce 670 desk has a well-designed strong steel frame. Available in white, black or silver.

€ 682,00

Gas Spring Sit-Stand Desk Converter - UPdesk Cross Large
Gas Spring Sit-Stand Desk Converter - UPdesk Cross Large

With the Updesk Cross Gas Spring you can switch effortlessly between standing and sitting, just behind a standard desk. Large work surface and keyboard holder. Available in black and white.

€ 185,00

Laptop Riser - Foldable
Laptop Riser - Foldable

Unfold, adjust to the correct height and get to work! The Laptop Riser - Foldable is convenient to carry and has 5 height settings.

€ 14,95

Sit-stand Desk Converter - Ultra Slim Mini Desk
Sit-stand Desk Converter - Ultra Slim Mini Desk

Turn your sitting area into a standing workplace with the extra compact Ultra Slim Mini Desk. This sit-stand desk converter can be adjusted to 5 heights with a handy gas spring control.

€ 89,00

Small Electric Sit-Stand Desk - StudyDesk
Small Electric Sit-Stand Desk - StudyDesk

The StudyDesk is a small electric sit-stand desk for at home or at the office. Ideal for small spaces or in your home office. Includes Memory Display. Available in black, silver and white.

€ 347,00

-15% Small Electric Sit-Stand Desk - Updesk High
Small Electric Sit-Stand Desk - Updesk High

Save space with the Updesk High. This electrically adjustable desk riser has a robust steel frame, so you can alternate between sitting and standing.

€ 228,00

€ 269,00

Be wonderfully active

From cycling to walking behind your desk. Watch these videos and discover how you can work even more healthy and more comfortable.
Cycling during work with the Deskbike
Active sitting with Tulip Stool
Switch between sitting and standing with Updesk High
Which deskbike suits you? The original Deskbike is available in various sizes and in the most beautiful colours. Which one do you choose?

Happy customers

Do you also want to be active during work and are you still looking for the best way? Be inspired by our customers.
The 2600 employees of Accenture are getting exercise as part of "fit@work". This seems to be successful. The treadmills are well made use of, and employees are making miles on their deskbikes. At Accenture, a health-oriented policy has greatly reduced sick leave, which resulted in a savings of 235,000 Euros a year. Read more
Senet, the application builders, have started active working in the new building we furnished with our active furniture for them. Senet encourages active working in the IT sector. The CBS calculated that office workers spend an average of 4 hours per day behind the computer. The IT sector is at the top, with an average of almost 7 computer hours per day. But now, this can be remedied through the many possibilities that active working offers. Read more
Ortec enables pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers, wealth managers, real estate managers and other institutional investors to make better investment decisions. They also know how to inovate! The Deskbike is a friend during working hours. Read more
At Sublime FM you can now find our active furniture in addition to 'Fresh Jazzy Sounds'. This hip office in Utrecht can of course do nothing but keep up with the times. With, among other things, standing desks and the Deskbike, colleagues are motivated to move more in the workplace. Read more

How do you improve your workplace?

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