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Stand smart

Working standing up is healthy. However, if you do it a lot - because you have a standing profession, for example - it can be exhausting to your feet. A standing mat forms a soft buffer between you and the hard floor. It relieves the feet, ensures an active posture and can have a massaging effect.
The solution? A standing mat.


Aeris Muvmat | Active Standing Mat
Aeris Muvmat | Active Standing Mat

The Aeris Muvmat is an anti-fatigue mat with which your feet feel in a soft bed of moss and you can alternate from this comfort zone to an active zone with 3D structure.

€ 145,00

Kybun | Anti fatigue mat
Kybun | Anti fatigue mat

Would you like to make work standing up really comfortable? Then kick off your shoes and go stand on the kybun. The soft, flexible, resilient mat makes you feel like you're floating.

€ 189,00

iMovR Ecolast Premium | Anti fatigue mat
iMovR Ecolast Premium | Anti fatigue mat

This high quality iMovr anti fatigue mat will reduce the strain on your back, legs and feet, while actively encouraging active re-balancing. By using an anti-fatigue mat, the pressure and pain on t...

€ 179,00

KyBounder Plus | Anti fatigue mat
KyBounder Plus | Anti fatigue mat

Standing, studying and having a meeting standing on a comfortable kybun Plus mat, just with your shoes on? With the Swiss kybun you stand soft and comfortable during work.

€ 189,00

Infinity Ergomat | Anti fatigue mat
Infinity Ergomat | Anti fatigue mat

The INFINITY Ergomat is mostly used in the production branch. The mat is isolating, anti-slip, shock absorbing and easy to clean. Available in various bright colours.

€ 174,00

SANAPRO | Anti fatigue mat XL
SANAPRO | Anti fatigue mat XL

No stiff back, heavy legs or painful feet when standing upright at a standing desk or at the reception. The SANAPRO stamat XL, 'anti fatigue mat' solves these problems and ensures that you ...

€ 168,00

Nails of Bliss nail mat | Active Standing Mat
Nails of Bliss nail mat | Active Standing Mat

Kick off your shoes and go stand behind your computer on the Nails of Bliss nail mat. The Swedish Acupressure mat has over 5,800 plastic nails.

€ 60,00

Standing mats relieve the feet and improve posture

Sitting too much isn't good, but standing too much isn't either. After standing for several hours, we often adopt a wrong posture or make strange rotational moves with our feet – anything for a little relieve. That is not healthy and it is simply not necessary. Standing mats for work are specially designed to make standing work more comfortable. At Worktrainer we sell various active standing mats, such as the Aeris Muvmat and anti fatigue standing mats from Kybun.

Our bestseller: the Aeris Muvmat

The Aeris Muvmat is an active standing mat that can be used barefoot, with socks or with shoes. The soft foam relieves the feet and provides a relaxed feeling – even after standing for several hours. Special about this standing mat are the built-in sensors, which massage the pressure points in the feet during movement. Just like balance boards, standing mats are good for the muscles and good for productivity. However, because they unbalance the body less than balance boards, they are slightly more focused on relief.

Other beloved standing mats: from Kybun to the Nails of Bliss acupressure nail mat

Our standing mats are mostly used in combination with a sit-stand desk. Do you have any wishes or specific complaints? Then let these pain points determine which model you choose:

  • Do you have tired feet easily, problems with your circulation or do you just love foot massages? Nails of Bliss acupressure nail mats have more than 5,800 small nails that provide relief and better blood circulation. The body even makes endorphins (happy hormones)!
  • Do you have weak ankles or problems with your posture? Kybun's standing mats are relatively thick, so you strengthen your ankle and foot joints. This ensures a more stable posture and prevents problems later in life.
  • Do you stand a lot while working? The iMovR Ecolast Premium standing mat is relatively thin and very suitable for long working hours behind a counter or cash register.

Tip: with a standing mat you meet even more actively

Standing meetings behind a sit-stand conference table is becoming increasingly popular. Research shows that sitting meetings have all kinds of disadvantages. For example, seated meetings are less effective and more than a third of employees have fallen asleep at some point. With a standing mat you get even more out of your (standing) meetings:

  • The feet are relieved, so you can hold meetings for longer.
  • Standing mats activate the muscles, allowing you to participate more energetically and have better ideas.
  • A standing mat stimulates the natural movement of the body, making you look more confident and relaxed.

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